Hotels in Thailand Pattaya

Choosing a hotel in Pattaya, you will have to navigate not only to the budget, but also on vacation plans – the city stretched along the coast, places hillyst, and intricate the curved streets pretty increase the route to the beach or the pier, which seemed to be so simple and fast. The price of housing directly depends on the season. If in July, the number in the standard "Treshka" will cost 600-700 THB, then in December-January (and we are not talking about holidays) The cost will easily grow to

  • There are options and cheaper

Some hostels or two-star hotels even offer rooms for 400-500 THB, but it is necessary to book such budget housing. By the way, in many small hotels on 3 "stars" breakfasts and pools turn out to be a very conditional and dubious bonus. The first to the disgrace is modest, and the second, hiding in the shadow of the dense building and the rainy vegetation, are cold even in hot January days. Do not count on water heating.

  • 4 * Hotels

Another thing – Hotels in 4 *. Here and feed better, and infrastructure is more pleasant, but per day in the tourist season will have to give up 3662-5697 rubles about 1800-2800 THB. Boutique hotels at 5 stars Rate accommodation in their sum from 4300-6500 TH. There are in Pattaya and elegant complexes with villas, bungalows, private pools and sea views for ≈ 54 935-101731 rub, approximately 27000-50000 THB and more expensive, it is only necessary to want.

Beaches Pattaya

Starting with the words that Pattaya is not a beach resort. Its beaches can not be compared with island Thailand, it is necessary to understand, do not wait and not demand from the trip notorious "Bounty" and, of course, do not try to draw up at least some impression about the resorts of the country only one city on the shore of not the most pure Siamese bay.

Hotels in Thailand Pattaya
  • Pattaya Beach (Central Beach)

Extended along the entire city center by 3 km. Life always boils here, and a variety of hotels, restaurants and shopping centers are located across the road from the embankment. For swimming is suitable or too bold (by nature or from drinks from a neighboring bar), or a clear sea who did not see.

  • Jomtien Beach

Located in the southern part of the city and separated from Pattaya Bay Buddha hill. Compared to the central part of the resort, it is more suitable for family holidays with children. But water is often quite dirty. Another family beach can be called

  • Pratomanak

Nice sea, gentle entrance, rides and entertainment for children and shady alley along the sea for relaxing from the hot sun.

  • Slove-Beach

It stretches to the north of Pattaya Bay and coins with a small beach Palm Beach. The sea here is more important than in the center of the resort area, and the rest is more relaxed.

  • Dongtan Beach

Located in the north of Pattaya Bay and is interested in a pedestrian embankment and an area in front of the hotel Avalon Beach Resort, which is known as a place of gay party.
Basic Beaches Pattaya – Paradise for Water Sports Fans: Skating on Banachs and Parachutes, Water Skiing, WindCerfing.

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