Hotels and Campgrounds in Meteors

Most sightseeing agencies organize a trip to meteors for one day, but personally seems to us that it is necessary to spend the night. First, if you arrived from Athens or one of the cities Peloponnes, then you will have the opportunity to relax, and secondly, evening meteors are very beautiful. As a rule, all tourists stop in the towns of Kalambaq or Castra, which are located very close to meteors, but in the season of hotels may be clogged or the remaining free – very expensive, so some choose the city of Trikala 30 km from monasteries. Personally, during your first trip to meteors, we chose a hotel in the very center of Kalapaki overlooking the monastery rocks and remained very satisfied – even a crowd of children who came to the excursion could not spoil a stunning evening with Greek wine, fruit and views of meteors. Historically, there is a serious competition among the Greek hotels in this region, therefore the price level plus-minus is the same, and the quality of service is very high. Please note that in the winter many hotels do not take tourists, so finding a hotel in Meteors in January is more difficult than in July. Yes, and prices are very dependent on the time of year. Popular hotel reservation systems offer almost a hundred different options in meteors, but we have chosen only the best, for every taste and wallet: from hostels and campgrounds, to expensive hotels. On the map below, you can see almost all available options (scaling the mouse wheel, click on the point to get information), but for a start, look at our selection of hotels in Meteorakh in Greece.

Cheap hotels in Meteorakh (cheaper € 50 per night)

Despite the crisis in Greece, which even from the toaster, prices for Greek hotels remain quite high. Of course, you can find a hotel and for € 30, especially in no-season, but on average, good hotels with a high rated in the area of ​​€ 35-50 per day per room. We chose seven, in our opinion, the best, and at the same time inexpensive hotels in Meteorakh.

Hotel Tsikeli in Meteorakh – from € 39

Hotel Tsikeli is located in the heart of the town of Castra, which is located in close proximity to meteors, to the nearest monastery of only about 300 meters. It offers a large and green area of ​​the hotel, free parking and WiFi, also the cost of some rooms has breakfast. Excellent option for those who travel with children, because the hotel positions itself as a family holiday hotel.

Hotel Tsikeli in Meteors


  • Hospitable hosts
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Great service
  • View of the rocks meteors


  • Very small number (the cheapest)

Estimation of guests: eight.9/10

Price: From € 39 for a double room without breakfast, from € 46 with breakfast, from € 100 per room on four with breakfast.

Hotel Meteoritis in Meteorakh – from € 45

A small, but very cozy hotel in almost the very center of Castra offers its guests comfortable rooms overlooking meteoras. It features free parking and wireless Internet access. There is a bar and cafes in which you can try national dishes. The rooms have air conditioning, a balcony, a fridge and satellite TV.

Hotel Meteoritis Next to Monasteries


  • Comfortable beds
  • Friendly personnel
  • Stunning view of the rocks
  • Very clean numbers


  • Modest breakfast

Estimation of guests: eight.6/10

Price: From € 45 for a double room without breakfast, from € 185 per junior suite on four with breakfast and mountain views.

Hotel San Giorgio Villa next to meteors – from € 40

A very small hotel for 10 rooms on the outskirts of the town of Castra and very close to Meteora monasteries. Guests have a shared kitchen and a living room, free parking and internet access is also available. The rooms are very modest, but there is everything you need. Simplicity of numbers is compensated by a stunning view from the balcony on the rocks or the forest of St. George. The monastery of St. Nicholas can be reached in 10 minutes on foot.

Villa San Giorgio in Meteors


  • Quiet hotel
  • Friendly personnel
  • Great location
  • Comfortable rooms


  • Small selection of TV channels
  • Unstable WiFi in some rooms

Estimation of guests: eight.7/10

Price: From € 40 for a double room without breakfast, from € 65 per room on four with breakfast.

Blocksos Rooms Guest House in Meteors – € 35 with breakfast

Bloutsos Rooms Guest House has only 3 rooms and is located almost in the center of Castra. The hotel offers small cozy rooms in a relaxed style. Pets are allowed, free Wi-Fi and Parking. The price includes breakfast. Great option for little money.

Guest house in meteors


  • Tasty breakfast
  • Cozy rooms
  • Friendly owner
  • Hiking access to monasteries


  • Little bathroom

Estimation of guests: eight.4/10

Price: from € 35 for double room with breakfast.

Guest House Batalogianni in Kalaplapak – from € 40

The small Batalogianni hotel is located almost in the center of Castra town near meteors. It offers comfortable rooms with a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi and a delicious breakfast in a restaurant with an outdoor terrace. For travelers by car there is free parking.


  • Fireplace in some rooms
  • Friendly hostess
  • Excellent restaurant
  • Free parking
  • Hotels in Meteorakh (Greece) - Kalambak, Castra and Trikala


  • Little shower

Estimation of guests: eight.6/10

Price: From € 40 for Double Room, from € 80 For Family Room on Four With Breakfast.

Hotel King in the center of Kalambaki – from € 35

Two-star King Hotel is located almost in the center of Kalambak near meteors. Guests have cozy rooms with a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. There is free on-site parking, a common Long-zone with a fireplace and a bar.

King Hotel Kamambac


  • Polite staff
  • Convenient location on Central Street
  • Clean numbers


  • Bad noise insulation
  • Cold floor winter

Estimation of guests: eight.5/10

Price: From € 35 For Double Room, from € 30 For Single Room.

Petrino Guest House in Meteors – from € 50

Petrino Guest House is located in the traditional Greek house built in 1845. For guests, cozy rooms, free parking and internet. Every morning in the hotel’s garden or the fireplace serves traditional homemade breakfast with porridge and greek pastries.

Guest house in meteors


  • Tasty breakfast
  • Beautiful numbers
  • View from the room


  • Hard bed
  • It’s hard to find

Estimation of guests: eight.9/10

Price: From € 50 for a double room without breakfast, from € 120 per family room with breakfast.

Best hotels in Meteors (by rating Booking.COM)

We have already said that most hotels in Meteorakh have a very high rating. Frankly bad hotels can be counted on the fingers. But despite this, we decided to choose the 7 best hotels in meteors, and in our "rating" hit both expensive hotels and very affordable options.

Pyrgos Adrachti Hotel in Meteorakh – from € 56

Hotel Pyrgos Adrachti is located on the outskirts of the town of Kastti at the foot of the cliffs of Meteora. Most rooms offer stunning views of the surroundings. It offers comfortable and cozy rooms with a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi. There is free secure parking on site, and a delicious breakfast is served in the dining room.

Hotel Pyrgos Adrachti in Meteors


  • Responsive personnel
  • Beautiful view from the window
  • Convenient location
  • Comfortable bed


  • Little lighting in rooms

Estimation of guests: nine.6/10

Price: From € 56 per double room with breakfast.

Archontiko Mesochori Suites Hotel & Apartments in meteors – from € 75

Hotel Archontiko Mesochori Suites & Apartments is located in the historic part of the town of Castra at the foot of the cliffs of meteors. It offers cozy rooms of high comfort, each room has its own unique style. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Greek House of the XIX century. Tourists can have a common living room with a fireplace, where, at will, breakfast is served every morning.

Archontiko Mesochori Suites & Apartments in Meteorakh


  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Polite owners
  • Excellent location


  • No

Estimation of guests: nine.5/10

Price: From € 75 per junior suite overlooking the garden and breakfasts, from € 90 per suite for two overlooking meteor.

Hotel Doupiani House overlooks Meteora – from € 87

Hotel Doupiani House also offers its guests a beautiful view of meteor, cozy rooms, free internet and hiking to the Monastery of St. Nicholas. It also offers free secure parking, delicious breakfasts that are included in the cost and free toiletries.

Hotel Doupiani House in Meteors


  • Clean numbers
  • View from the window
  • Calm hotel


  • Bad soundproofing
  • Weak WiFi

Estimation of guests: nine.2/10

Price: From € 87 for a double room with breakfast and panoramic views of meteors.

Hotel Kaikis next to meteors – from € 45

Hotel Kaikis is located on Centrally Kalambaki Street, some rooms can be admired with Pindos Meteor and Mountain Views. The hotel has a restaurant, there is WiFi, each room has an iron, air conditioning, a hairdryer, mini fridge and other useful little things that make holiday tourists comfortable. Pets allowed in the hotel.

Hotel Kaikis next to meteors


  • Good-natured personnel
  • In winter there is heating
  • Convenient location


  • Weak WiFi

Estimation of guests: nine.0/10

Price: from € 45 for double room without breakfast, from € 35 per single room.

Guest House Plakias – from € 40

Guest House Plakias is located in the town of Castra within walking distance of St. Nicholas Monastery in Meteorakh. All rooms have a balcony overlooking the rocks Meteoras, a private bathroom, TV and free Wi-Fi. For travel travelers, there is free parking on site, you can enjoy breakfast at an additional cost.

Hotel Plakias in Meteors


  • Excellent location
  • Gentle owners
  • Free parking
  • Good tavern


  • Small rooms and shower

Estimation of guests: nine.2/10

Price: From € 40 for Double Room with Meteora View.

Parestathis Guest House in Meteors – from € 48

The windows of the Papastathis Guesthouse in Meteorax offer stunning views of Meteora Monasteries. Hotel guests All amenities: central heating, private bathroom, TV, free internet and parking. For an additional fee for the hotel guests serves breakfast. To the nearest monastery meteor only 10-15 minutes walk.

Hotels in Meteorakh (Greece) - Kalambak, Castra and Trikala

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