Hotels in Korea

Experienced travelers know that the chances of staying sleeping under the bridge or on the park bench in Korea are not so much. Traffic police are always waiting for Korean hotels. There are many of them, and they are designed for every taste and any wallet. Travelers are worthwhile to recommend to go to the Eugene – Korean motel, and the wanders with a thicker wallet are waiting "Real" Hotels that are found in Korea to the American Lad – "Hothel".

It is curious that the history of the Korean hotel business is related to Russia. The first European sample hotel appeared in Seoul in 1902., belonged to the our subject, the relative of the consul to.Weber Mrs. Ulatag, who, by the way, played a considerable role in the history of Korean life (it was she who at her time introduced the Koreans with coffee and opened the first cafĂ© in the Korean capital). The resolution of the construction of the hotel was given by the king of the Kircheon, with whom the umbrella tied the old acquaintance. However, by the time the European-type hotel has already existed outside the capital – in the so-called "open ports", That is, ports in which the activities of foreign entrepreneurs were allowed. The first of them appeared in 1888. In Incheon, who was then the sea gate of Seoul.

However, the history of Korean hotels in the new type began in autumn 1914., When the first guests took the hotel built by the Japanese "Choson" (in Japanese pronunciation – "Tesen"). For several decades, this building remained the center "Seoul’s secular life". There were organized balls and concert evenings to the European Federation, foreign journalists were dirty in his bars, and foreign journalists were discussed, and surveying and import transactions were discussed in the cafe. During the Korean War and the short occupation of Seoul North Korean troops, in the hotel "Choson" Headquartered "Red". Old hotel was demolished in 1967., But the new Hotel Chosun has erected in his place, the new name and organizational continuity with its predecessor and is very proud of its history.

Generally speaking, the buildings of Korean hotels are not designed for a long service. Like most other Korean buildings, they are exploited at the limit of existing opportunities, to complete wear, and then without special ceremonies disassemble. Overhaul – the phenomenon in Korea is rare, and specialists in the hotel case believe that the hotel’s reinforced concrete building must serve no more than 35-40 years. What makes such an approach, it is easy to make sure to look at the 1960s built in the 1960s. and hotels "Astoria", "Underground", "Savoy". Sometime they were considered luxurious, but now these hotels look enough enough.

In his interior, the room of Korean hotels, especially the first and highest classes, differ little from the rooms of expensive hotels in other countries of the world. The most luxurious from Seoul hotels belong to the famous international hotel firms ("Khayat", "Hilton", "Mariot", "Sophytel"). Most of these luxury hotels appeared in the middle and end of the eighties, in front of the Olympic Games 1988. It is clear that prices in similar hotels – also at full international level and sometimes measured hundreds of dollars. The hotels are not very cheap: from 60 thousand won ($ 50) per room, so only secured people can be allowed to dwell.

Hotels in Korea

However, in addition to guests, in hotels – especially large, international – always fully visitors. Large hotels, especially international class, largely play the role of entertainment centers and leisure. Hotels in Korea – this kind of clubs "With atmosphere", Access to which is open to everyone. Hotel restaurants, cafes, banquet halls, and sometimes – and extensive halls often serve as a place of business and personal meetings. In the hotel many go just to touch some other, "Beautiful" and festive life, try exotic dishes, sit in a cafe, sipping coffee and listening to quiet piano music. Special chic is considered to hold a wedding or family celebration at the hotel (by the way, until the mid-1990s. Held weddings in hotels officially forbidden). In the last decade, the popularity of hotel restaurants and cafes have increased so much that now they give the owners of hotels about more income than the hotel rooms themselves.

"Present" Hotel on Korean ideas should be big and should look luxurious. Foreign, including our, travel agencies often face an important feature of Korean thinking: Koreans, when choosing a hotel, pay attention not so much level of equipment equipment, how many possibilities for pleasant free time, which is given by one or another hotel. With this, for example, the problems associated with one of St. Petersburg tourist firms at one time. This company seized Korean Groups in former partner residences. From the point of view of Western tourists, these cozy mansions for ten-twenty rooms, located in a quiet old park on the islands, seemed to be almost paradised earthly, but the Koreans have caused a big displeasure, smoothly switched to the scandal. Korean clients annoyed the absence of an extensive hall, numerous restaurants and all that, from their point of view, must necessarily indulge in "Present" Hotel, decent name "Hothel". The small hotels in most Koreans are associated with motels – Yogvana.

In 1993. In Seoul alone, there were 169 hotels and 5.417 motels. So there are no problems with where to stay at the night, there is no.

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