Hotels in Germany – for every taste

When it comes to hotels, then many are thinking about "starfish": two, three … five. Flight of fantasy while ends on seven.

Especially competent and experienced travelers may also speculate that "five stars" in the country "A" You can compare S "Good three" in the country "B", a "three stars" in the country "G" with "four" v "D"..

The star system is similar to the multiplication table, customized under the realities of individual regions and countries. There are, of course, international standards exist, but not all are adhered to them. By the way, German travel agencies, in their catalogs for foreign journeys, if there is a reason for this, about "star" Honestly point: Landeskategorie (Landestypische Kategorie), that is, the local classification.

But we are going to travel in Germany, so we will not be distracted by the problems of German tourists departing for the three seas ..

As for German hotels, the star category here in the overwhelming majority can be believed as the Germans say, "Ohne Wenn Und Aber", that is "Without everyone but also if"… Most tourists who come to get acquainted with the country, choose hotels three star. Often the fourth star depends on the location of the hotel or having a round-the-clock service, a special necessity in which there are no tourists. Well, of course, to be able to – or feel the opportunity – to order a tea in the room at night, or it is stronger, but with competent self-organization of the journey from these services-luxury – the Germans would say "Luxus" – You can refuse.

But on the criteria themselves, the categorization of hotels in Germany we will focus more about another time in our tourist heading.

If the standard star set is limited to five steps, then here are official species "opportunities for overnight" in Germany – more than two dozen. Multimito will be?

Everyone can easily call: hotel, motel, a tourist … But how to count more? Let us turn to the norm of the Tin Travel Information Classification (Touristische InformationSnorm):

1. Aparthotel

Hotel with apartments: Designed only for accommodation and overnight. Does not provide gastronomic services, that is, for example, breakfast. Service is usually limited to room cleaning.

2. Apartment

Apartments: consist of one or more rooms located in a tourist complex, which has a common infrastructure (for example, washing machines and dryers for self-use), and also provides services to guests. Vacations apartments are very popular with holidaymakers with children: they allow saving money on food, as it is possible to cook from the products purchased on their own in their own kitchen.

3. Bauernhof

The peasant compound: in this case – about the existing peasant farms, most of the profits from the production of agricultural products. For vacationers, they provide a vacation opportunity in the village.

4. Biohof

Biological peasant compound: peasant farming, performing the norms of the European Directive on the production of environmentally friendly food.

5. Campingsplatz

Camping: Fenced area for tents and "cottage on wheels". As a rule, there is features for connecting electrical appliances and water sources, as well as shower rooms and toilets for general use.

6. Feriendorf

Vacationer village (complex, Park): consists of a large number of separate houses (more than 50) or individual apartments. Mandatory condition – availability of own infrastructure for recreation organization (sports, cultural events, and so on).

7. Ferienwohnung

Apartment for holidaymakers: a separate part of the private house, equipped for renting for a short time. The apartment must be equipped with a separate sanitary node and shower room, as well as having equipment for cooking. Terrace or balcony are available to guests.

eight. Gasthof

Staffing courtyard: a small hotel, as a rule, in the countryside, with a restaurant or diner, open to all. In addition to rooms, Gasthof does not have any other premises for guests (for example, conference rooms, common game or television rooms).

nine. Hotel

Hotel: Hotel Enterprise with a restaurant or other gastronomic service for guests and guests from the street. The hotel may be called only a hotel that performs the following minimum conditions:
– has 20 or more rooms
– Most rooms are equipped with a separate shower (bathroom) and toilet
– There is a reception and registration rack

ten. Hotel Garni

Hotel-Garni: meets the requirements of the hotel (CM. Item 9), but offers guests only breakfast and drinks.

eleven. Jugendherberge

Youth Turbase: Hotel, intended mainly for adolescents and young people staying for a short time. As a rule, multi-dimensional rooms and simple furniture. Gastronomic service – only guests. Tourbases are especially popular among young people who have long tours in German cities.

12. Kurheim

Pension: Hotel, located at the source with mineral water or in a resort location.

13. Kurklinik

Spa Clinic: a hotel company licensed to provide medical services. Management is carried out by the chief physician, and the control is government agencies of medical supervision. Must be equipped with regard to the needs of persons with disabilities, as well as – if required medical profile, offering diet food.

fourteen. Beherbungsbetriebe Mit Kurm&# 246; Glichkeiten

Hotels in Germany - for every taste

Hotel, Offering Wellness Procedures: Hotel (Hotel, Strength Courtyard, Pension), with opportunities to provide guests with wellness treatments to maintain a common tone of the body or to restore its functions after light ailments. Procedures may be provided by the scratches of the resort or resort doctors collaborating with the hotel.

15. L&# 228; Ndlicher Ferienhof

Rural Compound: a hotel company located in the buildings of the former farming, which is no longer used to produce agrarian products. (Cf. with "3. Bauernhof").

16. Motel

Motel: a hotel company that meets all the signs of the hotel (see. "nine. Hotel"), with comfortable driveways for vehicles and adjacent directly to the hotel parking.

17. Pension

Pension: a hotel in which anyone can stay, offering food and drinks exclusively to guests.

Note: Hotel Type "Pension" differs from "Hotel" what
– can have less than 20 numbers
– Provides gastronomic services exclusively to its guests.

eighteen. Pension Garni

Pension Garni: meets the requirements of the guesthouse, but does not offer guests food and drinks (exception can only be breakfast).

19. Privatvermieter

Rooms in the private sector: Private hotel that does not need a license in which anyone who wants for a fee for a fee. The number of beds should not exceed eight.

twenty. Reiterhof

Equestrian: Strength courtyard, offering equestrian sports opportunity independently or with a coach.

21. Sanatorium

Sanatorium: a hotel company licensed to provide medical services. Rooms and infrastructure (including diagnostic and therapeutic equipment) must comply with the medical profile of the institution. As a rule, the sanatorium should work under medical control.


Winery: a storage courtyard with winery, offering its products to guests.

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