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Most people go to Auschwitz to visit the museum, which appeared on the site of former German concentration camps Auschvitz-1 and Auschwitz-2. As a rule, this is a trip for one day and Krakow, but there are travelers who go here from Warsaw or Dresden, and then they need to take care of where to stay. Auschwitz – a small town, so the choice of tourists is also small. We offer a small selection of hotels in Auschwitz, so that you can choose a convenient option for the price and comfort, especially suitable for travelers in Poland by car.

Hotel Olecki – Hotel near the Museum for € 33

If your goal is visited by the Museum of Auschwitz, the most convenient option is the Olecki Hotel, which is located directly opposite the entrance to the former concentration camp of Aushwitz-1. This hotel is very small (only 27 rooms), but has its own private parking, offers comfortable bright rooms, free Wi-Fi and breakfast for an optional fee. Price for Double Room from € 33.

Hotel Olecki in Auschwitz

Astra Apartments – Hotel near the station for € 28

Hotel Astra Apartements in Auschwitz is not quite a hotel, it is rather a complex of three apartments that are rented. The apartments are located near the city train station, but the Auschwitz Museum will have to walk about 2 km or take advantage of the transport (bus, taxis). It offers cozy rooms with a kitchen, free internet, private bathrooms and even a gazebo on the street, where you can arrange a picnic. Price from € 28.

Hotel Astra Apartements in Auschwitz

White Garden – Cheap Hotel in Auschwitzime for € 20

One of the cheapest hotels in Auschwitz WHITE GARDEN is located in a private house near the city center. This hotel is a family type, t.E. The owners of the house give rooms in their home, a number of rooms have their own bath, for the rest there is a common. On-site parking and free Wi-Fi. The museum of the concentration camp is about 3 km, to the Zevwitzim castle market square – a few minutes on foot. Price from € 20 per room with private bathroom.

Hotel Galicja Superior Wellness & SPA from € 47

The fact that Auschwitz the town is small and provincial, does not mean that here you can meet only guest houses and family-type hotels. One of the best hotels in the city is considered Hotel Galicja Superior Wellness & SPA. This is a small (only 10 rooms) Spa hotel, which offers its guests to take advantage of the wellness center, as well as free campaign to the sauna. Free Internet and Private Parking. To the city center several hundred meters, and the Auschwitz Museum is not more than 5-7 minutes by taxi. Price from € 47 per day per room junior suite with breakfast.

Hotel Galicja Superior Wellness & SPA

Our review about Wir Pokoje Gościnne – from € 25

When we planned a trip to Auschwitz, chosen for overnight guest house Wir Pokoje Gościnne. Criteria for choice was only two: a low price and parking, at the time of 2012 it was completely made by this particular hotel. Small, but comfortable rooms, large parking, friendly owners who waited for us, despite late Check-in. We are satisfied, and the combination of price-quality is generally great. The only minus – the hotel is located on the outskirts of Auschwitz, so the option is convenient only to those traveling by car in Europe.

Hotels in Auschwitzime

Wir Pokoje Gościnne

Other options to stay in Auschwitz

In total, there are about 20 small hotels in Auschwitz, we only told about the most popular and well-known, but this does not mean that the rest is worse. Below the map of hotels on which it is very convenient to select a good option, relying immediately and on the price, and the location.

Apartments for rent in Auschwitz

If there are no numbers in hotels, you can try to rent an apartment for a day in Auschwitz, though their choice is even less than hotels (by January 2020, the situation has become better and the choice of apartments has become quite wide).

    – from € 23 per day + taxes – from € 33 per day with taxes – from € 27 per day with taxes – from from € 60 per day with taxes

We hope that our selection of hotels and apartments in Auschwitzme could help you choose comfortable accommodation in the city. About how to get from Krakow to Auschwitz read in a separate article.

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Hotels in Auschwitzime

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