Hotels and their secrets

Each of us dozens, or even hundreds of times the hotel was the hotel: somewhere I liked it, somewhere would not want to return anything in the world. And you probably happened funny or adrenaline stories. Share them in the comments! In the meantime, we suggest you look at the situation with the eyes of the hotel service staff. Revelations Published by the Publishing House "Eksmo".

"Shine" and "Godfather"

Yang, Hotel Manager: "We had a contract with one hospital next door that specialized in plastic surgery: their patients could calmly recover after operations. At some point, our hotel was clogged with women with stamped persons. I remember, one of them fell right on the dropper and burst under it. I swear, our hotel then reminded the scenes from the movie "Godfather"".

Death Room, please

The steering wheel, the owner of the hotel, in which the murder had happened: "We wanted to keep it as long as possible in the secret, but all the same the name of our hotel became known to journalists. Perhaps it was a leak of the police. Visitors asked us what exactly happened. We could not tell anything in the essence, but tried to calm them, evasively answering questions. At the beginning of all this coureh, we have become less likely to book rooms, but then things started up again.

Of course, after all these events, we completely cleaned and reasured, but it remained "that room". We decided to set out only Germans in it, because they could not know anything about this horror

Of course, after all these events, we completely cleaned and reasured, but she remained "That room". We decided to set out only Germans in it, because they could not know anything about this horror. Sometimes guests themselves demand that they definitely not settled in this number.

But it happens that someone himself asks if it is possible to stay in the "room where the murder was accomplished". Not only journalists, but also ordinary guests. Chudaki! It seems to me that these people belong to the variety of adventure crawls, which then can all boast that they spent the night ".

In general, each of us at least once got into the strange and ridiculous situations in hotels: with room, staff, neighbors or something else. The wildest stories from all over the world – in the material "My Planet" "Hotel "Misunderstanding"" .

Room at number 13

It seems incredible in the XXI century, but it is still like this: most hotels have no room at number 13. Very few customers are burning with the desire to spend the night in a room with a unhappy number, so usually after the 12th room goes the 14th. In some large hotels, there may be even a completely absent 13th floor.

Kvinten: "We have exactly 13 rooms in our hotel, but we always say 12 + 1. Nobody, of course, does not want to sleep in the room number 13, so it is spoiled at number 0 ".


Oliver, the former owner of the hotel: "Everyone ever heard that the sheets in hotels are not erased, but simply turn over the other side. But it’s all the fables. I know that such rumors really exist, but the Hygiene in the hotel is very important, so you as the owner of the hotel can not allow such things. The same with breakfast: it is impossible to save on it. People should eat well. For example, we have always stood a bottle of sparkling wine in the buffet. Not that there were many people who wish to drink out of it, but the fact of what she stands there, produced Wow effect on people ".

Bea: "From time to time we see the mouse, sang by the only washed semi. Of course, we hope that none of the guests will notice her. Still need to carefully check fruit in vases ".

The most ridiculous complaints in the hotel’s customers:

• sheets too white.
• the sea is too blue.
• Ice cubes too cold.
• Bath too big.
• One guest could not fall asleep due to the fact that his girlfriend snores.
• Dog one guest was unhappy with the hotel in the hotel.
• The hotel has no view to the sea (in London).
• There was no steak in the vegetarian menu.
• The waiter was too beautiful.
• Mother of the groom did not provide a room for newlyweds.

Respect for maid

Beatrice: "Finding good staff has become much more difficult than before. In addition, it is very hard work. Not only physically (you have to constantly move massive beds), but also morally (all the cones are lying on you). Something disappeared or stolen? Maids – always suspected number one ". Although guests are also not slipping. What steal in hotels? You will be surprised – from toiletries to furniture. "My Planet" collected the most notable cases.

Businessmen are generally tidy of tourists – these are often leaving a mess after yourself

Lindsay, Cleaner: "In most cases, I do not meet with guests, but also from the threshold I can determine who spent the night in this issue. Condoms, hygienic pads, evaporated sheets – a lot of things meet … Businessmen are generally tidy of tourists – these are often leaving a mess after yourself. Women, of course, clean men. And much ".

In continuation of the topic – an anonymous interview with the Maid about whether the hotel happens in hotels is the novels, which reveals the guest of his number and who pays for a spoiled thing.


Beatrice, worked for eight years by the administrator in a three-star hotel: "25 Euro – the largest tips that I received. Of course, it was very cool! Currently it happens more and less often: people are almost always paid by a credit card ".

The most ridiculous requests in hotels:

Hotels and their secrets

• bring a glass of water every hour overnight.
• Organize a toilet bowl filled with mineral water.
• Send a guest with honey. Turn off the sound of bells.
• Put meat on the plate only from the right side of the chicken.
• bring a dead mouse.
• Fill with chocolate milk bath.
• bring 16 pillows (for one guest).
• deliver a crocodile soup cup.
• bring 15 cucumbers per day.

By the way, if you did not know, the concierge can all. Or almost everything. More details in the article by Victoria Basic "How it is arranged: Concierge Service" .

Place for lovers

Beatrice: "Married treason happen at the hotel very often. Even people who I know personally. I prefer not to say anymore: "Welcome to us again"".

Game room

Kvinten: "Periodically, couples come to us, which first register, and after two or three hours already discharged from the hotel. I should not write a complaint about this? Once there were a man and a woman who were in so hurry that they ran up without registration, and the hour later also rapidly ran away from there. They only put 125 euros on the table, nothing else is filling and not painting. Of course, this is very profitable for us, but we still behave in such cases very carefully. For such money they could come from the tourist foundation with a check, and then we would have to return the subsidies that we get from them. On the other hand, if guests visit the hotel during the day, you can’t ask them: "You will fast or even here on the night?"".


Ralph: "Our permanent guest after drunk hard, inadvertently slammed the door outside. He confused the entrance door to the room with the door to the toilet. That man – but I must say that it was kilograms seven hundred fifty – standing completely naked in the corridor and covered in front with a tiny towel. It was funny to watch it in such a tribe. The cleaner appeared here, and it became bad. "

If guests visit the hotel in the afternoon, you can’t ask them: "You will stay fast here on the night?"

Kvinten: "I will never forget that evening when I had to drink vodka with a our client. It’s good that I was sitting next to a floral pot. A little thickened from the glass, and the rest is in the pot ".

Negative feedback? Pay 100 pounds

Freedom of speech is one thing, and slander is quite another. So, before you write your unflattering opinion, think about it, no matter how I had to regret it. Some hotels have entered so far that a small font is attributed to the reservation, prohibiting guests negatively speak.

For example, Broadway Hotel in the English city of Blackpool installed in general rules: "For each negative feedback, which will be posted on any site, the group leader will be fined in a size not exceeding 100 pounds". The Jenkinson family did not notice this passage due to the fact that the "group leader" Jen forgot to put on glasses when the document signed. Her husband posted criticism on the Internet and received later for this fine. The TripAdvisor website Hotel Broadway is located at 867th place from all 894 hotels, which are located in Blackpool.

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