Hoteliers called the idea of ​​installing camcorders in the rooms

Sergey Kolesnikov called the offer «Marata and idiocy» and posted for the inexplicability «Stupidity officials».

Kolesnikov in the same sharp form criticized the proposal to carry out personal belongings of guests. Saying what a proposal «Located beyond good and evil», Vice-President of the Federation of Hoteliers added that this practice does not exist in any country of the world.

According to Kolesnikov proposed by officials «kill small business». He also did not leave another official an idea – To equip residential premises in hotels alarm buttons. He explained that there are such buttons only in special rooms for disabled people, and serve to call help in case of a sharp deterioration in the well-being of an elderly patient.

Hoteliers called the idea of ​​installing camcorders in the rooms

Such proposals as recently announced by the officials of the Ministry of Culture, according to Kolesnikov, directly demonstrate the non-professionalism of officials involved in the tourist sphere. The expert suggested a repayment of this direction to a completely different department or even form a new one who would professionally supervised the tourist industry.

Recall, on July 1, in federal media, information was held with reference to the Minconal officials of the plans for introducing additional security measures in the form of surveillance cameras in the hallways of the rooms and metal detectors at the inputs in the hotel.

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