Hotel Zum Nussbaum in Dresden

From friendly Poland, we went to no less hospitable Germany. About how we were in Dresden was already Posted, And in today’s report, I would like to tell about the wonderful German family of Müller, who sheltered us at the time of forced living in Germany and about their small, but very cozy hotel. The hotel is called Zum Nussbaum and has on Booking.Com and Agoda.Com very high marks and many positive feedback. So our post is unlikely to be called advertising, rather just a statement of fact – the hotel is worth his money. Owned the hotel Wonderful Anett and Andre Müller people, very responsive and welcoming.

We arrived at the hotel about 10 pm, but despite the late hour – we were waiting for us. And when I learned that we are with a small child, then instead of a standard double room settled in two-bedroom apartments with kitchen. In this room, 5 adults will be located without any tightness. In one of the bedrooms, two beds, in the second – two beds and a sofa (perhaps he is unfolded, and then – six people). It was more than comfortable threesome. Below the photo of one of the rooms.

The kitchen has all the necessary utensils and techniques, and if something is missing, you can ask for ANETT – it will help. &# 128578;

We arrived very hungry, as they were engaged in the car all day, and the restaurant at the hotel has already closed the kitchen. But the owners did not leave us hungry and fed a very tasty dinner, which brought right in the room!

Parking is located right under the windows, in the courtyard of the hotel, so you can not fear for the car. However, in the area of ​​Dresden for her in any case feared. &# 128578;

The only disadvantage of this two-room number was a very weak hotel Wi-Fi. It is impossible to say that it was not at all, but it was absolutely impossible to work with him. Attempts to put Range Extender were not crowned with success, and as people Internet-dependent, we asked us to relocate us in the main building where there is a normal Internet. Rooms there are smaller, but no less cozy.

The cost of our accommodation included breakfast. Someone may be worried about the absence in the morning of full-fledged hot dishes, but the breakfast has quite arranged. We usually wake up late, especially if you do not need to go anywhere, but our breakfast has always been waiting for us. &# 128578;

Somehow in the morning, until no one saw, we looked into the kitchen and for a bar rack &# 128578; Yes, forg us the owners for invasion without demand.

In the evening, on the first floor there is a restaurant with a veranda, where you can drink the draft german beer, it is delicious to eat and look at the leisure life of a quiet suburbs of Dresden.

Hotel Zum Nussbaum in Dresden

Both in the hotel itself, and throughout its territory is very clean and neat.

The rooms were cleaned perfectly – Max loves to leave the prints of their little palms on the mirrors and windows, and every day they disappeared and the windows were shone again clean.

We spent four days at this hotel and have been satisfied with absolutely everyone. Annette and Andre always tried to help us.

They have repeatedly performed for us the role of translators when communicating with the car service, and when the day came to pick up a car from repair, Andre on her car we took us so that we do not spend money on a taxi.

For travelers by car Zum Nussbaum – an excellent option. Of course, half of the success of the hotel – it is a glad of his owners. Annette and Andre do everything possible so that their guests can be comfortable, comfortable and cozy in their hotel. In general, we recommend book – you will not regret!

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