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Choose a hotel in Hong Kong is not easy: there are a lot of them, the price is high, and you want to get a good service, comfortable bed and proximity to the metro and other benefits of civilization for your blood. Today we will talk about the V Wanchai Hotel, which is located in the Hong Kong business district within walking distance from the subway and the International Exhibition Center on Hong Kong Island. I must say that these hotels in Hong Kong are two, they are located pretty close to each other, but one little further from the subway. Some days at the V Wanchai Hotel will cost you about $ 100-150, but in the days of exhibitions, the price increases in almost two. Book your hotel on the site Agoda.Com or at Booking.Com (In 2018, the hotel has become unavailable for booking on both sites) we love Agoda more, because there is a good additional discount on Fridays. Day in the hotel V Wanchai 2 There are about the same amount, but it is located, in our opinion, less successfully, but it is new and, as tourists say, cleaner and modern.

Since we planned to spend more than two weeks in Hong Kong, you were looking for a room with a kitchen, where there would be a microwave to warm meals and milk for a child. "Superior" Hotel V Wanchai Hotel fully satisfied this requirement.

Kitchen at the V Wanchai Hotel, though small, but we were enough. It seemed to us that the dishes were small, but in the end it was too beautiful enough. The only minus is a small refrigerator that did not freeze very well, but in the hotels of large refrigerators and does not happen, so you can also accept this.

For our purposes, of course, the apartment in Hong Kong would rise much better, especially since on airbnb it can be removed quickly and cheap. Get two rooms, great view and all other benefits in the apartment, but we traveled this time in Hong Kong on a business trip, so the apartment did not suit us. If we could choose, then the choice would be in favor of the apartment. For example, such or Here is like. In the days of exhibitions, they are just more expensive than $ 100, but we paid for the hotel almost $ 200 per day. By the way, if you are not yet registered on the airbnb, the largest rental services around the world, then According to our reference You can get a $ 20 bonus for future booking, and we will be grateful to you, because I also get a small penny. &# 128578;

But back to the hotel. Besides the kitchen, we really wanted to have a bathroom with a full-fledged bathroom, not a shower. Our child loves in the evenings to "swim" and did not want to deprive him of such an opportunity. The bath in our room was excellent, there were no problems with hot water.

The bonus was set with shampoos, soap, toothpaste and other necessary nonsense, which was replenished daily.

The number itself is not very big, but everything you needed it: both bed, and a small sofa, and a wardrobe, TV, and safe.

Hotel Wanchai in Hong Kong - V Wanchai Hotel Hong Kong

The view from the window is not the most outstanding, but if you know where to watch, you could see a piece of sea. And so – the usual Hong Kong street.

We have already said that Hotel V Wanchai in Hong Kong is quite close to the subway.

Find it just if you have an address because it looks like a common residential building. At the end of the post, you usually find a map with accurate coordinates of the hotel V Wanchai and V Wanchai 2.

Well, instead of imprisoning a little review. The hotel is normal, not excellent, not super, namely normal. If you stop here for a couple of days, it is generally good, and for two weeks, of course, the area is small, but we only spent the night in the room, and everything else was dedicated to walks and inspection of the sights that we found in close proximity to the hotel, but About this in a separate article "Landmarks of Vaciation". Anyone else’s time we will tell you about other hotels in Hong Kong, in which we have lived and give some tips, how to choose a hotel in Hong Kong.

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