Paruj El Arab Hotel

Hotel sail Burj Al Arab – Perhaps the most original hotel around the world, which has a sail shape and towers over Dubai coast.

Hotel sail Burj Al Arab (i.e «Arab Tower») – This is the luxurious and highest (over 300 meters) Hotel in the world category 5 *.

Hotel-Paruj El-Arab Sightseeing Dubai Travel Guide

Hotel Burj Al-Arab was built on the initiative of the ruler Dubai Sheikh Mukhamed Ben Rashid al Maktuuma. He dreamed of Dubai to become exclusive, unparalleled resort – And his dream came true.

Improved this bold project Burj al-Arab Architectors from the UK. Chief Designer of the Hotel-Sails in Dubai – Legendary Quan Chu. According to the idea, the sail gives tribute to navalism in Dubai. Hotel-sail coated on an island of artificial origin on 250 underground columns. In total, the construction of the hotel Burj al-Arab cost $ 1 billion. The marble used in the Decor of the hotel was brought from Brazil and Italy, the hotel is also richly decorated with gold elements. It can see luxurious fountains, aquarium walls with 700 exotic fish, magnificent halls and, of course, fashionable rooms. A total of 202 hotel rooms and 5 restaurants, cafes are also open here. Interestingly, one of the restaurants of the hotel-Sails is located at an altitude of 200 m, it works on an extension having the shape of the wings. Also, the hotel has a private helipad, fitness centers, pools, and so.

Hotel-Paruj El-Arab Sightseeing Dubai Travel Guide

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