Hotel-Die in Lyon

Hotel-sony – Building complex in the center of Lyon, recognized by the architectural monument. The main facade, with a length of about 400 meters, goes to the embankment of the river. The towering dome and concisely inscribed sculptures give the appearance of the building a special importance and solemnity.

In the days of the Middle Ages, the so-called «God’s shelter», where pilgrims stopped and servants of the church. Soon Hotel-Die became one of the most equipped hospitals in the country where the best doctors worked. Nearby was organized a museum, the exhibition of which clearly demonstrated the entire history of the origin and development of practical medicine. The new buildings were gradually completed, the design was expanding until the current appearance had gained.

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In 2010, all the premises of the hospital and the hospice were transferred, and the museum is temporarily closed. Currently large-scale restoration and re-equipment of the building. By 2017, it is planned to open the hotel of the highest class, conference center, as well as comfortable and modern offices.

To date, some parts of the complex have already been restored and open to universal review. The hotel’s chapel is pleasantly surprised by its rich design, lush reliefs and decorative gilding.

Hotel-friend in Lyon Lion's sightseeing tour frekdom

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