Hotel-cake opened in London

Concept "sweet life" So the Italians beloved was reflected in the hotel opening in the capital of Great Britain. On March 21, 2013, the real hotel-cake will open its doors. This is the world’s first hotel of this kind. This hotel is located on Dein Street Street in the London District of Soyo inside another hotel.

Now everyone can live in a gingerbread house from a fairy tale, because all the details of the numbers are made of flour, sweets and popcorn. Inside guests are awaiting not only delicious, but also beautiful things – all the details are carefully worked out by artists. Dozens of species of various delicacies are used as the decor of the interiors and external decorations, among them, for example, two thousand meringues. In total, a 600 kilogram of sugar spent on creating a sweet hotel. The atmosphere of the hotel was created by 14 confectionery artists for three thousand hours.

Hotel-cake opened in London

The hotel has three floors and eight rooms made in various styles. One of the rooms is decorated in the Mediterranean style, the other is dedicated to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Perhaps the most original number is made in Polynesian style, the central place in it occupies a two-meter sweet sculpture in the form of an Easter Island, fully made of biscuit and chocolate.

Hotel-cake opened in London

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