For bright pictures in Baku. UFO

Baku – a city with a huge and Stunning history. Naturally, he tries to save and save his Traditional ancient symbols, And the symbols of the city of the XXI century are created in front of modern citizens. Among them, of course, – the Square of the State Flag, the "Fire Towers", the "Crystal Hall", built for Eurovision 2012, the center of Heydar Aliyev … about him and we will talk about.

Yes, to be in Baku and not to visit the center … – just then regret the missed opportunity. This snow-white building of the unearthly form "landed" on the field framed by green well-kept sites, stairs cascading with a waterfall. UFOs, seeking to sweat and at the same time sick with earth, is today and tomorrow Baku. And, most likely, white color here symbolizes the bright future of the country.

Heydar Aliyev Center is included in the list of unique world architecture. It is built on the project of the legendary diva CHAY HADID, and two years later, in 2014 he was already recognized as the best building of the year in the world. One member of the jury of the famous "Design Year" award, established by the design museum in London, said the following: "This is an extra beautiful building of a brilliant architect at the peak of a career. It is also innocent and sexy, as a raised wind Skirt Marilyn Monroe ".

Today, the Congress Center, Media Center, Heydar Aliyev Museum, Exhibition Hall, Restaurant, Cafes and Administrative Offices are accommodated within an amazing alien.

The exhibition halls are diverse, there are permanent exposures, and there are temporary. Of course, it was not without traditional Azerbaijani carpets and musical instruments, the sound of which, by the way, you can listen, what we did .

For bright pictures in Baku. UFO

Interestingly, in the depth of the floors, there is an exhibition of local artists in the depths of the floors, and among them the paintings by Leila Aliyeva. Childish Pictures Good.

On the 2nd floor layouts of 45 historical and architectural attractions of the capital and Azerbaijan. It’s nice to walk and find out among them already seen buildings and quarters.

And in this alien building, the latest technologies are "pursued" everywhere. Therefore, there is no need for a guide, everything can be read, see, listen.

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