For bright pictures in Baku. "Small Venice" and not only

Fatigue … Kandra … unreserved problems … just need to afford to leave somewhere – fly away. If there is an opportunity – then in Baku. Slow to walk in Icheri-Sheher, Turning off all the phones – smartphones, go to the embankment, admire the local "Venice", climb on the funicular to the viewing area, go down and look into the governor garden. And then go to the noise and holiday of the shopping street (now nizami).

Tourist trails Baku are safe, comfortable, understandable. If you have not come to inspect the city and do not look for "bad places" (and if you wish, you can find everywhere and always), then he will give you bright pictures and a gastronomic relax.

The city is facing south to the sea. He in the form of amphitheater stretched from the West to the East along the Baku Bay. Almost along the whole shore passes the Boulevard Park: its length in 110 years has increased from 2 to 16 km. If the acquaintance with Baku began with Icheri-Sheher, then his old part is convenient to come out about the Maiden Tower (it is simply clear where to go) and go on the embankment to the right, to the east, towards the Baku Venice or "Malaya Venice".

The northeastern part of the boulevard is more "sports" – there are tracks for cyclists, a variety of platforms and simulators. Now this territory, called the white city boulevard, extended to the new residential array.

Central, old part of the park – Primorsky Boulevard, of course, the busiest area on the banks of the Caspian: Attractions, cafes and restaurants, Baku Venice (yes, yes, here for man-made channels you can ride on a boat, like on a real Italian gondola), Azerbaijan National Museum Carpet, Mugam International Center (one of the main traditional genres of Azerbaijani music) ..

It is curious that "Small Venice" became the first and only in the former USSR Park with a similar "foreign" landmark. Her official discovery took place in 1960. In century, the currently held a full-scale reconstruction and the area became more painfully.

The southern part of a huge seaside park is notable because all exhibits on the boulevard are the former industrial facilities: elements of power plants GRES, the old steam locomotive, renovated the world’s first oil well, drilled in an industrial method as much as in 1846.

For bright pictures in Baku.

By the way, the history of the embankment, her seaside boulevard, also begins in the middle of the XIX century, when he was demolished by a plot of an old fortress wall, which I was separated by Icheri-Sheher from the sea and "his uselessness hindered the free air movement". The liberated territory was put in order, and since 1867 this place became one of the beloved citizens and coming. Moreover, it is surprising that you do not annoy the many of the same walking-enjoying – playing – relaxing – the feeling of one’s own space is preserved.

Because of the restrictions on time and desire, it turned out to see Baku and the Caspian Sea from the observation deck. An amazing walk through the Boulevard had to be completed from "Malaya Venice" and go to the funicular. Baku Funicular – this is another bright picture of the city. It connects the area on the Avenue of Oilmen and Nagorno Park. For 4-5 minutes, a cozy trailer raises passengers upstairs. Local pride say, over the years of the service of the funicular, there has never been an incident. And next year he will be 60 years old!

View from the observation deck opens color. Old Town with the Girl Tower. Palaces and mosques. Famous fiery towers (and the view of them from the embankment at sunset spectacular!) … New buildings, leaving up (as from here, the density of the building is excellent …) and the sea!

Without taking you on the story of interesting buildings and their stories, I don’t understand the impression of the governor’s garden is still impossible. Returning onto the funicular down and not reaching Icheri-Sheher, the oldest Park Baku spread over his fortress walls: he was broken in the 1830s and for a long time he was the only garden in the city, through the soaked oil smell. Park was formed for half a century, and the black mill for booking the garden was brought from Lankarani and Iran on maritime courts. Over time, there were arbors and terraces, fountain and dance platforms. The garden decoration was the magnificent building of the summer public meeting with the concert hall, in which the casino meant. The project was copied with the Philharmonic in Monte Carlo, which at the beginning of the 20th century was considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Now this building is the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic. M. Magomaeva (this is the grandfather’s grandfather Muslim Magomayev, the popular and "Chief Bariton of the USSR").

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