For bright pictures. "Eternal Flame" and a burning hill

NAnd the territory of Azerbaijan has once burned hundreds of "candles" – from very small torches to burning sobes. Country and received once such a name – "Country of Lights". Yes, and on modern coat of arms Baku shows three languages ​​of flame.

In ancient times, fire worshiped and built near the temples. However, all the "eternal lights", which were burned thousands of years, were repaid by people. All except one – Flame of Fire Mountain Yanardag (it’s rather not a mountain, but a hill). The eternal flame is due to the leakage of fuel natural gas along the zone of faults from a large field near the Absheron Peninsula. Fire fire happened in antiquity. He is not dissolved neither rasps nor the wind or change of seasons. There were times when the whole slope was lying in fire. They say the effect of contemplation was amazing – both frightening, and fascinating. Now we saw only small torches at its foundation. It’s a pity…

In 2007, the territory of Yanardag became a state historical and cultural and natural reserve. Recently increased flow of tourists. The authorities considered that the conditions in the created reserve did not correspond to today’s level of development of Azerbaijan, and, as it should, conducted capital repairs. In June 2019, the opening of the reconstructed reserve took place. Around the burning slope was built an amphitheater for the contemplation of fire, on the other hand, a concrete staircase, descending from the top of the hill to the base, built the construction of various purposes – from the museum to administrative.

Everything is chinno, but the feeling of mystery and mysticity disappeared. Perhaps the negative effect of a crowded excursion. Since the opinion of the respected Taran is the opposite.

Taran Aliyev: "Of course, watch the "burning mountain". See with your own eyes from which tiny cracks, from under the bowels of the earth, leaking, goes on the surface natural gas. And he is constantly burning! Personally, I feel there the most powerful Energy Energy, which always charges me with a new and clean energy, positive. It is especially possible to feel when there are few people near and there is an opportunity, silently admire a burning flame. When it was already dark … "

"House of Fire"

I was created at the same empty feeling when I was visited by the temple of fireprokelters athechgi (I was far from this topic and she did not hook me, although, of course, everything is very informative). The place with the "eternal fire" of centuries attracted pilgrims from all over the world with their negascique flame, which, in their opinion, should highlight and point the way to God.

At different times, this sanctuary was revered by Zoroastrians, and Hindus, and Sikhami. Initially, in the III-IV centuries. N.uh, here was the ancient Koroastrians. After the introduction in the Islam region, many Zoroastrians were forced to go to India, where the further history of the fire religion continued. Zoroastrian shrines on the territory of modern Azerbaijan came into decline, although part of the population for centuries remained fans of fire and after the introduction of Islam.

A place was revived in the Middle Ages, when trading through the Silk Road of the Countries. Since the XVI century, Hindus reached here on pilgrimage. Around the sanctuary, attaching to each other, the chapels rose, Celi … – a monastery complex was created. Altar over the sanctuary restored in 1810. He was built in the form of a chaharrtag – four arches facing four sides of the world. In general, at the beginning of the XIX century, the complex has already had the type in which he reached this day.

For bright pictures.

In the second half of the XIX, the fire in the Ateshgyah gradually faded the numerous earthquakes, as well as active petroptices and built by a number of refinery. True, the monks thought otherwise: they saw the kara of the gods for insufficient humility of the flesh and unscrupulous prayers in this. And gradually left. By the end of the XIX century, atchgae came to the launch. And only after a full restoration, he as a cultural and tourist facility opened to visit in 1975. In the century, the current Atshgyah received the status of a historical and cultural reserve.

Complex in the form somewhat resembles a caravanse. Wall and 26 low cheese-towers form an irregular pentagon. Fire-roll cells are open; Household scenes are recreated – they, with mannequins that are in them, are quite realistic. Tourists actively removed in this background.

Yes, in the central altar, the gas is now served from Baku on a trunk gas pipeline

Here is such a advice from our visit to these uniquely historical and attractive places, but …:

"When ordering a group excursion, it is better to clarify the composition of the group. We have from 16 tourists, 6 were from Russia, the rest are English-speaking. The guide in our told 5-7 minutes, in English – 15-20 minutes, and even more, because "it was necessary to tell the anecdote, and give yellow news". Hurry to progress text for us, accompanied by swallowing words, not only gave the impression from the tour, but also left a devastated and unpleasant precipitate. During his stay in Baku, it was probably the biggest misunderstanding "

For bright pictures.

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