For body benefit, or eternal youth in Swiss

The resort with healing sources is an ideal place to treat and improvement, so since 1962 there is REHAZENTRUM LEUKERBAD in Lakersbad, its rehabilitation clinic. From the entire Canton, the shaft here guides patients with orthopedic and neurological diseases in the remission stage, as well as patients for rehabilitation treatment after injuries and surgical interventions. The players of the continental hockey league and athletes of the Swiss Olympic team at one time were observed in this center. And five years ago, the clinic has changed the owner, and now besides working with patients on the insurance program, here they accept all those who wish to go through a full medical examination and improve health. Particular among private clients Anti-aging procedures based on cell therapy, and overweight programs. We were guided by this progressive clinic to find out what the notorious treatment looks like in Swiss and what will have to pay for eternal youth.

The clinic is still partially repaired, but most floors, numbers and cabinets have already been updated. At the reception, Rafael meets me, a guest manager, and offers a small excursion through the territory of the center. On the first floor of the clinic, in addition to the reception, there is a registry for private clients, there will also be offices for all necessary procedures and manipulations. Then we look into the small but pretty room Spa: there are jacuzzi, sun beds for recreation and massage rooms for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures (non-medical!). Directly from the spa area, you can get to the indoor pool with thermal water, where instructors regularly conduct group classes on aquagging, tie-chi and relaxation for all patients, and if necessary, work on an individual program. There is an open thermal pool, where they are also engaged in aquajogging, aquagimnascue and swimming with flippers.

Then Rafael shows the floor with guests for guests who came to pass the examination, rejuvenate or lose weight. Total fifteen of them, of which ten single, three double and two retinues. The room we managed to see is decorated in gentle colors, on the bed – lilac bedding, in the bathroom, according to Raphael, there will be natural cosmetics of their own brand of clinic – Alpness, created on the basis of local herbs and colors (the main ingredients – Edelweiss and rhododendron). From day to day, the first probes should bring. All rooms will be equipped with smart TV, personalized according to customer needs and preferences. There is an emergency call button on the phone, which can be used at any time of the day: in the clinic, even at night, a nurse is on duty, ready to provide the necessary help, including psychological, if suddenly the starving customer decides to throw a diet and requires a grilled steak right in the room. By the way, jokes jokes, but a psychologist really works in the clinic who helps patients tune in for treatment and result.

Generally in the hotel rooms, the clinic is offered a real five-star service: meeting guests and reverse transfer on limousine, fast settlement, concierge services and personal battlers, organization of individual hiking and excursions, concert trips, etc. If customers arrived with the child, then the parents pass appointed procedures, small guests can organize ski lessons or sledding.

In the clinic tried to take into account all the nuances. For example, for those who are observed in the framework of the program to combat overweight, a separate restaurant is working, where you do not have to tempt yourself with seductive smells: all the food is super-diet and prepared for each client under the order. For example, a menu for 250 or 500 kcal (this is a day rate that can limit the client), includes a glass of fresh juice from one fruit diluted with water, and liquid vegetable soup. At the end of March, a gastronomic restaurant will open in the clinic, so it will be possible to pamper yourself with culinary masterpieces from the chef. And next door to it will work a lounge bar with relaxing music and cocktails. By the way, all food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price of the program offered by the clinic.

And of course, it is in no way to do without a fitness room, under the task with all sorts of simulators. Here, instructors are individually with each client as part of a program drawn up and approved by a doctor, and in accordance with the wishes of the ward. There is also an isokinetic simulator for neuromuscular testing and exercises. Salsa classes are held in the nearby gym.

Next to the restaurant with special food are offices for droppers and other long manipulations, which will soon be equipped with Wi-Fi, DVD and TV, so that the patient does not borrow during the procedures. The clinic also contains magneto-, laser and ultrasound therapy cabins. There are specialists in acupuncture and manual therapy. In total, five doctors work in the center of rehabilitation and revitalization, and two of them are engaged in anti-aging preventive treatment: Dr. Jean-Pierre Nim and Dr. Michel Frey.

For body benefit, or eternal youth in Swiss

Dr. Jean-Pierre Nim is no longer only local, but also world celebrity in the field of rejuvenation. He is the President of the Swiss Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (SAAM), Secretary General of the European Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (ESAAM), Executive Director of the World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (WAAAM), Honorary Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), and also Dr. Neum – the author of a unique effectiveness Methods of rejuvenation at the cellular level and longevity formulas. It is based on them and are offered short (three-, four or seven-day) programs to update the entire body or restoring individual bodies (if, for example, there are problems with the liver, then its work can be stimulated using special cell injections). The ultimate goal of such therapy is to improve metabolic processes, the client’s immune status and its overall well-being. Before starting treatment, a comprehensive examination of the patient is required, according to the results of which procedures, exercises and diet are appointed, as well as injections and / or youth cocktails. The cost of the three-day course with accommodation and nutrition – 11 900 Swiss francs.

Dr. Michelle Frey, Honored Sports Doctor, Traumatologist and Rehabilitol, Acting Member of the Medical Commission of the Swiss Football Association, and since 2008 there is also a specialist on anti-aging therapy. He is also a pioneer in Switzerland in the field of plasma treatment with platelet rich. Under his leadership, integrated programs have been developed specifically for the Lakersbad clinic, including an update, detox and excess weight. Such programs also begin with a full examination, including analysis of possible violations of the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, and can last seven, fourteen and twenty-one day (and longer). The cost of the seven-day course WEIGHT BALANCE – 12,700 Swiss francs. In the process of client therapy, it is taught how to eat and cook food, how to maintain the body in good physical form, make up an individual menu and a special exercise complex, give recommendations that will need to follow the end of the program.

You can also go through a general medical examination – check-up, including blood tests (biochemistry, hormones) and urine, x-ray and consultation of the therapist, examination of women in the preclimberry period and examination of couples suffering from infertility (on all Check-UP programs are given by 2 -3 days). There are rehabilitation programs for patients after injuries and operations and suffering from chronic degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system (duration depends on the problem), anti-stress of the program (11 days), the program to eliminate the unpleasant consequences of Klimaks (10 days).

Those or another restoration program in the clinic can contact the medical coordinator Ann-Christine, which will give all the necessary recommendations and full information on the treatment: [Email&# 160; Protected] .

For body benefit, or eternal youth in Swiss

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