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We say: "For the stomach without grivy" – these words completed his story about the formation of the Bulgarian ethnos, our Guide of Christ. Belly Translated into our – Life, Grier – Care. Burnt by the sun and overloaded travel agents sluggishly reacted to guide words.

Someone flashed with knowledge: "And we say, the chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria is not abroad". Belly is the word Staroslavyansky. Az, beech, led, verb, good, eat, belly.

The people began to wake up and revived a little, interested in the topic.

– Hristo, but what will be translated into the Bulgarian "hernia"?

– Hernia translated into the Bulgarian – "Guernia", continued to devote us in the subtleties of the Bulgarian language of Christ. Groom – Gezhetch, Bride – Bulk, Sugar – Zakhar. In the store do not ask to show T-shirt (conversational – Mom). Do not ask the "matches" saleswoman, and do not order the "chicken". We have these words of certain associations, so it is better not to pronounce them, you may not be misunderstood.

Yes, I thought, at least we have one writing from Cyril and Methodius, and our roots are alone – Slavic, but how many submarine stones. Because of these stones other times to figure out what Bulgarian says, it is difficult. The words are the same, and the meaning of another.

What to look at the coast.

City of Nessebar, The oldest city of Europe, the peer of the Egyptian pyramids. Through the tight streets with tight cobblestones, go to the church, in which part of the attributes is made in the form of fish and other inhabitants of sea depths.

Sit in the fish restaurant overlooking the bay and order a good Bulgarian wine: "Imate Li Hubavo Bulgarian wine?"By the way, drinking red wine is taken in months, in the title of which there is a letter" P ", in the rest – white wines. Of course, the summer heat is more pleasant to chilled white. We must pay tribute, culture of peetium at the Bulgarian at a high level.

Order dishes from the freshest fish and mollusks. Try a tarator (cold soup from yogurt, cucumbers, garlic and grated nuts), Pasting (sheep cheese Türbo with truffle chips and lemon jam). You can order simply – eggs on the eyes (ovarian-glazing).

For belly without hernia -, Bulgaria Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

Balchik city. Go to the summer residence of the Romanian Queen Mary – Castle "Quiet Nest". Stroll along the paths of the Botanical Garden, where unique plants from all over the world grow – rubber tree, sequoia, ginkgo-biloba, fig tree, etc. Inspect the unique collection of cacti – more than 300 plants growing in open soil. Go with closed eyes through the bridge of execution of desires and think of it.

Cape Kaliakra. Inspect the fortress structures built in the 4th century before.NS. and rebuilt in the further ancient Romans and Byzantines. Listen to the legend about the Bulgarian girls who preferred to rush into the Black Sea from the cape about around the 20-storey house, in order to not surrender to the Turks-Osmanam. "And the baudes of this was absorbed them".

Go down to the caves, some preserved the remains of ancient churches. To be outraged with the Bulgarians, why "warp the Americans" placed on the Cape the radar station.

Bivak. On a huge glade, there are tables with snacks and stand barrels with wine. After the abundant meal, if you are lucky, you will wear a jacket with a folk folk ornament, a terribly smelled hat made of sheepskin on your head and you drank together with professional dancers. People’s Bulgarian dance. After that, get a ceramic hilt at the rope.

Dancing coals (nestical). The spectacle is amazing with its depth and primitiveness with a skeleton of mysticism. The circle of flaming coal, with its outlines, reminiscent of the luminais, the monotonous sounds of typan (drum), two figures in white balachons, first passing along the hot coals, and then dancing, while waving their hands as wings, ********** ******* In the darkness of the night and a huge starry sky. To visit only in order to feel like part of the universe. Do not try to depict a nestner and run on the coals. Some tried. The result is disappointing and does not fall under the insief case. The talent of innocence is inherited. An ordinary person is not under power. For our, more naturally jumping out with a guy from a bath running barefoot in the snow and plunge into the ice font. The spectacle is also not for the faint of heart. In healthy!

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