For all sorts of skis there is your own skiing

Zima is approaching, and therefore – the vacation time for those who cast in warm seawater prefers a slip on ice, lying on the beach – a rapid descent on skiing, water basin slings – sledding for real snow. Fans of a healthy winter recreation company "Academservis" and offers alpine resorts of Austria.

Why Austria? First, this year the country notes its millennium, and an extensive cultural program is assumed even in those places that the center of culture is not. Secondly, in Austria more than 23.000 kilometers of ski slopes. Some are illuminated even at night (once there are lovers to swim in the sea "Moonwalk", So there must be ski-"Lunatic"). Third, the tourist infrastructure of the Austrian Alps is developed as at any other ski resorts of the world. Place here there will be anyone and all. For bearded ascetic romantics, resting in "His male" Companies, – Small houses with fireplaces. (It is known that romantics never interfere with unfamiliar and non-meal women. There are such in the Alps). Lovers of relaxation with maximum comfort are a lot of chic five-star hotels where you can ski and swim in the pool, and on the disco. Holidaymakers together with children will not be disappointed. "Academservis" Always pick up the resort on which there is also "Children’s" Trails, and children’s ski schools.

All those who decided to go to the Alps this winter, "Academservis" advises to follow the rules. And remember that:

– Across Austria, the tracks have a special labeling in the form of round color signs with the number of the highway on the pole. They are installed at the beginning of the route and along it and denote: Blue – light highway for beginners, red – high complexity, black color – technically complex route. The pole rhombus is designated non-marked and non-paraged tracks, mainly complex, requiring good technical training of the skier, and sometimes the maintenance of the conductor;

– Detailed large circuits of trails are posted at each line of lifts;

– It is forbidden to ride when putting signs "Caution, avalanche!" and – "Attention work ragings" (Special sloping machines);

– If you are going to ride more than seven days, capture your photos for SKI-PASS with you (something is average between the ticket and the skier’s certificate);

– Sinkah riding is allowed only by sanitary routes;

For all sorts of skis there is your own skiing

– On some slopes there are special tracks and sites of the slopes for Snow Borders and Freastylene lovers. It is for them that it is worth riding all that is not considered skiing;

– According to the rules, the collision is always to blame the one who was above the slope;

– Dangerous for life (and your own, and strangers) to stop in the middle of the slope and, moreover, in the middle of a narrow track, climb or skiing along the tracks;

– no less dangerous skating out of the tracks and on unknown slopes without conductors;

– On the labeling tracks, you can always count on the help of a ski patrol.

For all sorts of skis there is your own skiing

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