For adrenaline

The title of main lovers of acute sensations on travels is traditionally fixed behind the fans of sports: they plow the snowballs with snowboards, catch the wave on surfing in a storm and with a rabid speed roll from the mountains in a bowl of Zorb. But the active rest is not the only way to get a dose of adrenaline. On alternative sources – in the review "My Planet".

In general, the whole trip to China was conceived by the sake of these 20 minutes, which we spent on the suspension path of the southern peak. So, the suspended path, someone called the most terrible path of the world, actually wears the name Cliffside Path. Despite the present collision in the mountains of Hua Shanya, a rare Chinese goes away a little to marry this rather short plot. But almost all without exception of downtime – Mandatory visitors of the trail. For 30 yuan wishing to pass over the cliff supply the upper strapping, and voila – ahead! Without thinking, I pulled off the strapping with the Karabins on two multicolored cables and finally looked overboard. Railbands driven into the rocks rapidly fell down.

From what I saw slightly captured the spirit. After a pair of steps, the trembling let me go and fear passed: there were more interesting classes: for example, to monitor the iron brackets, chains, cables, carbines, stone steps … ah, well, and even twist heads on the sides, having fading in admiration. And disgust from the OS, who turned out to be a pond of a pride! Vertical staircase brackets end; Now it is necessary to go a little, holding a chain in a rock and installing legs into a cut down little finish in stone. Well, the wooden boards are already visible, then you can relax (who would told me a few hours ago that a couple of narrow boards above the abyss I will perceive as relaxation). Amazingly boards seemed to me just unshakable hard.

I moved on them already quite confidently, confidently to such an extent that it could easily tear away from the chain Already two hands right away. Well, in general, I got on the hard five! Looking down it was even fun and quite unstable. This is despite that, having lived 25 years of his life on the 12th floor, I never learned to go to the balcony without trembling in my knees. The road to the opposite direction is a funny attraction, because you’re used to move left right, and now you need to rebuild to the right. Already, of course, quite unrigible, but still kaifovo. Highly!

In some present, Dammballa was settled – a great zombie, and the snakes obsessed with this snake began to shock on the floor. I could not imagine that the people with their bodies, including a self-limiting, this can exert. This "exorcist" live.

In a small house, illuminated by a set of candles around the central pillar of Poto Mitan, decorated with voudist flags, gathered. The sacrament begins under the sounds of drums. Three of them: By most – Mamman is furiously lurpping with a beast; Middle-segon is interrupted with him; All of them will repeat Bowle. A hypnotizing, foaming rhythm increases with a fracture in the temples in the tact with a pulsating issue: "Or maybe to drain, not too late?"But it’s too late – Mambo appeared. And under the view of the crazy eyes of this dry wrinkled old woman, the sorcerer, and so hiding behind the backs of others, I want to become invisible. She takes the rattle of the asson from the altar and begins to howls his spells with tantias. Followed by others. The main idea of ​​this vocal dance and noise vakhanlia, as I explained to me on the day before, my Guide Pierre Andre – Call Spirits. And the first one is called Chromoon of Lebby, or Dad la Bass, that, like the Klyaznika Saint Peter, opens the gate to the other world.

It should be understood that these ancient guys are almost always. And with their appearance, the behavior of those present sharply changes, especially when one of the main demons appears – the Baron with his wife Maman Bridget. The significance of Baron is determined by the fact that he commands dead and cemeteries, and the most reverent attitude towards these topics in Haiti. Nowhere from the visited countries did not have to see such a quantity and so gorgeously furnished funeral offices. Yes, and the cemeteries of Haitian decent surprise. Instead of the usual graves – scleps, the size and intricateness of which depends on the failure of the family. These last shelters have castles and other protective triggers, in order to protect the dead from living – bones and other parts of the corpses, allegedly having magical power, are used in some Voodoo ceremonies. In a year and one day the spirit of the deceased can be enclosed in a clay pot, and with him through obsessed it is possible to talk.

And the honorable spouse Baron Maman specializes in healing caused by curses. In some present, Dammballa was settled – a great zombie, and the snakes obsessed with this snake began to shock on the floor. I could not imagine that the people with their bodies, including a self-limiting, this can exert. This "exorcist" live. One thing to watch this horror on the screen in your own apartment, stretching carelessly on the sofa. And completely different – to be among what is happening here and now. Not to switch to any other channel, nor a fork from the socket does not pull out. And when universal madness reached, it seemed to me, my apogee, I. Salmon. Whether it felt that one of these spirits was too close to me, I began to fear for your own mind.

Yes, I want to warn: Even if you are not looking for Voodoo actively, in Haiti it will find you. I gave money to the old porter at the RO Christoph’s hotel, which is in Cap-Aiten, for a couple of his small services – small bills at that moment was not, so quickly found a "spell" in the room. A small figure associated from the beam is not the long gray hair, not that wool interspersed with dry grass, decorated the top of my bag. Immediately, smeared a non-crushed gift in the sink and thoroughly washed off ash, I found the old man and led 100 gurts.


The second most important Chinese holiday after the Chinese New Year – Phuket VEGETERIAN Festival. Since the third of Phuket population is ethnic Chinese, here, in my opinion, this festival is more interesting than anywhere. The processions take place every day in the morning, from different Chinese temples to the center of the capital of the island – Phuket Town. The most interesting (for foreigners) is a sadomaso-component of this holiday. These days, participants pierce their face and other parts of the body to all that can come up with an inflamed imagination.

For adrenaline

Early in the morning we left the temple of Tha Rue Shrine, where a column was formed from five in the morning, which a little later moved towards Phuket Town. The procession goes through the streets of Phuket (and the movement during the passage of the column does not overlap). The event is very significantly for the Phuket Chinese, and the demonstration and the old and young. Dear people ride on peculiar platforms, blessing others. Petarda is constantly torn, and there are so many of them that sometimes it seems that everyone goes in a dense fog. By the way, the faces are pierced not only men, but also women. And if women are mainly satisfied with spokes or metal chopsticks (although it is also long to meter), then men have no restrictions in the size of the invested nor by weight.

What is characteristic – practically no one is blood, although walking to 20 km. In the temple, people enter the trance, and then the main thing is not to get under the ax or something else in their hands. Yourself they just split the face. They suffer so for two traditional reasons. First, expelling evil spirits (and expelled out of themselves, a man is expelled by the Spirit from the whole community, so to be elected to these torture – a great honor). Secondly, demonstrate the strength of the Spirit and Will and thereby get the opportunity to go to a higher spiritual level.

800-kilogram body, fully consisting of muscles, rapidly heads up, clay teeth, splashing water and blatant tail. Crocodile teeth pass along the wall of the container, in several centimeters from our screaming persons.

Cell of death is a cylindrical container of plexiglass thickness of about 2.5 mm. In it, careless tourists are lowered in aquarium with reptiles for loved one, personal dating. While we descended the stairs to the aquarium, my heart was rapidly fought into the tact of surpassed thoughts: a split container, a cocoon of teeth, the breath of death. Similar feelings were when I stood at the aircraft door – 5.5 km above the ground – and thought that the parachute could not disclose. The mechanism begins to work, our cage swells high in the air above the aquarium, where the Chopper lives – according to some data, the third of the largest crocodiles contained in captivity. The container is lowered, and water begins to gradually fill it through small slots in plexiglass walls. I repeat about myself instructions received a few minutes ago: "Whatever happens, in no case do not turn out the fingers out".

Chopper leaves his post on a heated Solny stone in the corner of the aquarium: it is curious that today they give for lunch. My breathing is steadwork. Plexiglass cage freezes in place. Water reaches us to shoulders – you can dive to better consider the inhabitant of aquarium. I knew that crocodiles were large, but the type of reptile at such a distance causes incredible sensations. Chopper from us literally in a pair of meters. Plum! Ankalum worker throws from above a piece of meat. The bait falls into the water right in front of the crocodile nose. Chavk! 800-kilogram body, fully consisting of muscles, rapidly heads up, clay teeth, splashing water and blatant tail. Crocodile teeth pass along the wall of the container, in several centimeters from our screaming persons. Another piece of meat flutters into the water, we again hear the loud cochannel of the teeth.

As unexpectedly, how dive happened, the container starts to raise up. In truth, I thought about one week, whether I have enough courage to this crazy adventure. In fact, it exceeded all my expectations, we actually survived in the death cage.

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