For 15 days, you can and without a visa

Never of the countries of Southeast Asia did not go to mitigate the visa regime for us, if not an economic crisis. First, the Japanese announced the visa risks, then the Chinese, now the turn has reached the South Koreans: the other day the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea published new rules for entering the country for residents of the our Far East.

From now on, our Far Easterns can attend South Korea without making visas. True, we are talking only about trips for a period not more than 15 days. To enter the territory of South Korea without a visa, it is necessary to have in a passport or four South Korean visas over the past two years, or ten visas – for the entire period of passport. However, visa-free entry is allowed only to ours who did not violate the visa regime in the old trips to South Korea and does not have marks in the passport of violations of immigration rules of other countries.

For 15 days, you can and without a visa

According to the Korean Association for Promoting Investments and Trade, in the early 1990s, the country attended annually from 40.000 to 70.000 boxes from Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. After the development of our cheapest markets of Turkey and China, the decline came: in 1996, South Korea visited only 30.000 people. So the country of morning freshness remains nothing, how to become more hospitable.

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