"Football Tourism" – for true fans

How faster everything to be your sports fans in the environment?

Of course, attend the club’s outdoor matches. For a true fan, this is the main indicator of passionism and devotion to the team. On the home game come easy, fights with other people’s fans – entertainment on an amateur, besides, not related directly with the football ourselves.

But departure to the match, especially international – it is serious. In the raging sea of ​​fans of someone else’s club, their players are very important to hear the words of support from those for whom they themselves play. Going to the guest match, football fan for a day or two throws all things for the sake of the favorite team, do not regret money on the road and hotel. Finally, it is not afraid of possible difficulties, and there is enough of them, from the task to get tickets to the game to the skirmis with the fans of the opponent.

Types of football tourism

Every person traveling to the match of the favorite team, their interests and opportunities, and therefore travel can be divided into three large categories.

  1. Tourist entertainment trip
    In any new city there is always something to see, and since you are here, the sin does not take advantage. Rent a good hotel room for several days, visit local attractions, museums, wander around the streets and taste local specialties.
    In this case, a visit to the actual match is only one of the items of the program, albeit the most important. Option is good for wealthy fans who are not used to save.
  2. Football tourism
  3. Club leaving
    Sometimes the club itself organizes a trip to his fans. Orders a charter flight (this is especially important when there are no direct flights to the right city), hotel places, buses to the stadium and back, tickets. In winnings and both the team and fans. After all, they do not need to organize everything themselves, search in an unfamiliar city, and even someone else’s country. True, there is no time on the excursions, the reverse flight on the same day, but the main thing is just a match.
    The club thus gets closer with his fans, plus sure they will fall into the stadium, and not fit into some story. In general, good, and at the same time a fairly budget option.
  4. Departure without preparation
    Sometimes the decision to go to the match is accepted spontaneously. The free window appeared in the working chart, issued a premium that made the trip is possible, and.NS. Either a person just does not have finance for the offer of tour operators, but he wants to go to the game insanely. And therefore hopes to get to the place, choosing the cheapest options that even hitchhiking may include.

And goes without a clear route and a ticket to the stadium, and problems decide as they occur. Such a trip turns into a quest with an unpredictable final. Difficulties arise in everything, ranging from obtaining a visa and crossing the border and up to the stadium. Overnight where you have to friction with police, clashes with other people’s fans.

But if you overcome and find yourself on the guest stand in the crowd of other club fans, you will not just become your own, but a local legend. The history of your departure Other fans will retell as a bright example of what is a real football fan.

Pandemic restrictions

In general, visiting the team’s guest match is a way to support your entertainment, tourism, challenge, but, unfortunately, the pandemic deprived us of this. In many countries, games are carried out without viewers, or with fair limitations by their number. And the fans of guests at the stadiums are not allowed at all. Less displacements inside or between countries, less risk of prolonged coronavirus.

Rules varies daily, and, thinking about the trip, you need to watch the situation on the spot. Each Country of the European Union itself decides which measures to enter, in Russia everything is also given to the deposit regions. Depending on the epidemiological situation, local authorities can be used to the stadium a limited number of people and close for a full quarantine.

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