Football as an international language

Yes, Lush is a big and beautiful stadium, very bright, light and sunny, no wonder his name is translated as ‘Light Stadium’. And the fans support their team ryano and frantically, whistle and hooked in the direction of the fan of the opponent team sector.
By the way, Benfic defeated Estoril with a score of 2-0.

Spain, Camp Nou
And a week after that we were already on Camp Nou, at the largest stadium of Europe, in Barcelona.
Barcelona took Osasun. We took care of the tickets this time in advance, acquiring them on the Internet.
Camp NOU is great, huge! And stay at such a match can really be called the holiday (especially considering what the score it ended).
Whether there was no doubt that Barcelona wins, whether the day was so hot, but it seemed to me that Barcelona fans much more calmer than Portuguese.

Until the next world championship began, Spain is a valid champion. And on the Canary Islands I managed to see one of the reasons for this. Yes because even there in football play just everything and everywhere!
Even on the small island of Homer, where only 20 thousand people live, there are several stadiums, conveniently located among the mountains.
But it will now go about another island – about Tenerife. We lived in a small town of Puerto de la Cruz, and the stadium there never empty. Every two hours, one match was replaced by another: ten-year guys, then twelve, then girls, then men. And always the same uncle with a cigar in the teeth at the entrance.
We ended up on one of these matches where the local football club took a rival from the largest city of Tenerife – Santa Cruz de Tenerife (but what the names, and!).
To be honest, the memory did not save the names of football clubs, only the score of 6-2 remained in the head, as well as several stories from that match.
The judge announced the beginning of the game, passed only a few minutes, and after one of the collisions, the entire stadium heard a terrifying crunch – it was obvious that the football player was broken. Loud and stretching cry, especially audible at the stadium, accompanying 500 people. It is necessary to make a reservation that the ambulance in Tenerife is not in all cities, and the station closest to us was located 30-40 minutes drive. And while the ambulance carrier traveled to the stadium, all this time of the poor fellow lay on the field. Someone comprehensively brought the plaid and covered it. Match, of course, was interrupted. I hope that the guy is doing well now.
After 40 minutes the match continued, and the owners littered with a sense of revenge for his friend, calmly brought the case to victory.
In such little stadiums there is their own beauty – parents gather, brothers, friends of all football players, shout: "Let’s son!", And you, even if you do not understand the language, feel like at home.

Football as an international language

Akureyri, Iceland
And finally a little northern exotic. Akureyri, Northern Capital of Iceland, this is a small one by our charts by 18 thousand people. And that day, while we were there, local þór (yes, that’s the way) I took the Kyrgyz Republic from Reykjavik. This is an important derby, comparable, let’s say, with the match Zenit – CSKA.
But in such a small town we managed to come not to that stadium. Only suspecting the catch (and where the people?), we asked the road at the local. Icelanders are extremely kind to everyone, and the woman we asked the question, said that he did not understand English and called his English-speaking girlfriend, which, in turn, called her husband who knew where we need to go. "Only, I’m afraid, before you have to go for a very long time", – said english-speaking woman, – "Probably, about exactly ten minutes!"
We smiled and went where it was said. FC stadium þór (however, let’s call his Tor) holds no more than two thousand people, but let it be confused by it – it is quite European that the stadium can accommodate each tenth inhabitant of the city.
And the FC Tor himself is one of the northernmost professional football clubs in the world (the very northern, by the way, is the Norwegian Tromsø; and the Greenland clubs do not have professional status). The more surprising was to watch the dark goalkeeper on the field.

I believe that the list of matches that I visited abroad will be replenished.
In the meantime, I just wish all the football fans of a beautiful and exciting world championship. And let the strongest wins. Or Russia.

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