Fudcourt Beach Food Loft – Closed

On the joy of everyone on the beach, Patong opened a new Foodcourt with proud title @Beach Food Loft, now you can combine the rest on Phuket with Tasting Thai cuisine. The director of the Ocean Plaza Patong shopping complex has long thought about the need for inexpensive restaurants on the first line of Patong. After all, it is so nice to sit with a plate of delicious Tom Yama or Pat Thhai and admire the sea. Only, the trouble, on the first line of Patong, only expensive restaurants were located, which, in addition to the cost of dishes on the menu, charge the value added tax of 7% and 10% for maintenance, renting their premises is very high, and as a result, a round sum falls for dinner.

On January 27, 2010, in the Ocean Plaza Patong shopping complex, which is located in the south of Patong, opposite the local buses in Phuket-Town, opened the first on Phuket for Fudcourt @Beach Food Loft overlooking the coast. Up to this point, on Patong there was only odinined air-conditioned Fudcourt in the JUNG Ceylon shopping center on the zero floor, but the prices there were no longer budgetary in comparison with others: in Lotus, Bigc and Central Festival.

On Fudcourt 800 kV.M., which invested 30 million baht, there are various kitchens: Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and European; Desserts, Drinks and Fresh Slops. The cost of dishes varies from 30 to 120 baht per dish. Fudcourt for 160 seats is divided into air conditioned room and an open terrace overlooking the sea.

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In Fudcourt’s restaurants, you can try Indian Curry, Thai Pat Thai, Japanese Sushi, Chinese Dim San, Vegetarian dishes with Tofu, European Potatoes Fries and Fried Chicken, as well as a variety of desserts and necks made of fresh fruits at reasonable prices.

You have never been to Fudcourt and do not know how they eat there? Everything is very simple. First approach the checkout, give money that you enroll on the card. Then, in any of the presented kiosks, order the dishes and drinks, paying for your card. Taking or rebuilding, return to the checkout, and you give you a balance from the card.

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