Food of love, Freedom Food

Are the pickled noodles and boiled bananas delicious, is it like a row chicken broth acute chicken soup with coconut milk? You can talk about Thai food any, but until you try it yourself, you will not understand how everything is intimidate, interesting and tasty. In fragrances and bizarre taste, it does not have equal, besides, orta, as the pepper himself. You are ready to sharp feelings? Then you can start a story about the famous cuisine of the country thousands of smiles.

Thailand’s kitchen is so distinctive that it can become not only the subject of gastronomic passion, but also a unique source of knowledge. Especially since Thais, like ours, love to feed guests.

In Thai cuisine, as in any eastern, there is its own philosophy. The basis of it is the perfect balance and complete harmony of all tastes. Despite the crazy contrast and a variety of absolutely, at first glance, incompatible, the main thing in Thai national meal is a skillful combination of sweet (sugar cane or sugar palm tree, ripe pineapple), sour (lemon, lime, non-free mango, sometimes vinegar), salted (salt Or we are plan – Thai fish sauce), Gorky (Mara – bitter cucumber) and acute (chili pepper).

The authentic secret of Thai dishes – in sharp spicy seasonings, and the main components are not so much – the fish-meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables and, of course, rice. He is always present and everywhere. On average, Tapet eats about a half-kilogram of rice per day. And it is the main dish, not a side dish. Even the word "there is" Translated from Thai means "ride".

For the ordinary Thai lunch, at least 40 types of spices and spices are needed, otherwise, according to both the cooking, and eagerly, it cannot happen delicious. Many of the widespread spices have medicinal properties. For example, the bitter pepper of Chile During World War II, local Lekari treated open wounds, and now they can easily get rid of colds and bronchitis. In contrast to the opinion that acute harmful to the stomach, in Thailand successfully treated the pepper gastrointestinal diseases, including an ulcer.

Surprisingly, but in Thai language there is no word at all "hunger". Tasty food is available to all – and poor, and rich. The climate of Thailand allows you to collect two and even three harvest annually, and the dominant religion – Buddhism does not make any prohibitions for the use of certain products.

Thais are sure that the main term of happiness is good food, and erotic cooking connoisseurs call Thai kitchen cuisine of love. And it is very similar to the truth: sharp hot Thai dishes are capable of not only warm in the rainy-groove Moscow or St. Petersburg autumn, but also to light the fire of passion in melancholic blood. Otherwise, why in European restaurants the Thai menus were so firmly?

Thais themselves argue that there are no magical rituals in their "Kitchen" No culture. Although how to say … why, for example, a marinated noodle is so long? Because the cook cardiac wishes longevity to everyone who feeds dinner. And it is believed that the wish will surely come true.

Word "Tai" translated as "free", and Thai cuisine rightfully can be called Kitchen Freedom. In Thailand there are no accurate making rules. Ingredients and time for cooking dishes are determined personally to the cook, and it all depends on its style, character and mood. How many cooks are so many options for the same dish.

There is also no conventions either. On Khantok – a round table with a rotating center – usually serve everything immediately and do not stand above the soul, so relax – the choice is yours. Traditional Thai lunch or dinner is a festive chaos from the main dishes, desserts, snacks and fruits. You can safely start the meal from any dish – at least with sweet, even from soup, no one will even think to watch your oblique. Thais themselves, for example, soup eaten in parallel with the rest of the dishes, two or three spoons to give a breather with a tired sharp feeling of taste receptors. The most popular out of soups is a sharply sour chicken, on coconut milk. His color is very unusual, pearl. On the second – certainly rice, meat or seafood dishes.

Sea and freshwater fish in Thai is very good, acute fish salad and stuffed boobic scarcs deserve special attention. Unusually interesting for the taste of a salad of young bamboo shoots and frogs (do not be afraid, the paws themselves are not visible, but very tasty!) and the most famous Thai sharp salad from immature papaya with crabs and peanuts.

IMPORTANT: If the admission to Thai cuisine occurs in some of the Moscow restaurants, practicing oriental cuisine, do not be afraid, but if in Thailand itself – try to avoid sauces. Well, oh-oh very sharp!

Food of love, Freedom Food

Thailand is proud of his noodle. It is believed that in it harmony Pytucusia is particularly expressive. The indispensable components of the beloved dish are the noodle in their numerous variations, and to it eggs, peanuts, shoots of beans and pork (chicken, shrimp, then everywhere). By last New Year holidays in one of the hotels of Bangkok, a five-meter spruce from noodles was erected. Decorated with colored sugar. Ten chefs worked as much as 300 hours. Italians, by the way, who are considered the main pastures in the world, are planning to start the release of Tai-paste – the Europeanized version of the Thai noodle, and this is undoubted recognition!

Sweet tooths in Thailand too long. Few love pumpkin, but pumpkin in coconut milk is not a simple pumpkin, you will not even know her, it’s just a sodium! Traditional Thai Slavs are cooked in sugar fruits and all sorts of cookies. Thai sweet meatballs! Just beans, coconut, palm sugar, eggs and a little jasmine oil, but how delicious!

With the country thousands of smiles tens, so it’s with alcohol. Thais believe for some reason that alcoholic beverages can not be combined with hot spices, so they are served to the table is quite rare. Do they wash down the food with ice water, iced tea or juice from sugar cane – a very specific taste, but refreshing drink – good afternoon extinguishes the fire in the stomach. In the bars the same drink traditional beer east. From the exotic – "snake cocktail", mixture of local whiskey and snake blood. It is said that the effect of the reception "detonating" drink like a mild narcotic intoxication.

"culinary business card" Thailand’s steel fried insects. Fried prepared takaten locusts, cockroaches water Mandy grasshoppers, flour and silkworms, beetles, water beetles. For Thais insects – it’s something like chips, but much more useful, because in 100 grams of insects, about the same amount of protein and a lot less fat than beef kilogram. A fried scorpion – the most expensive delicacy. The rest of the insects can try and street stalls, but the scorpion will be served only in a good restaurant, on a thin cake, with a slight sour sauce. In the north of Thailand and eat live insects, especially loved living (they have to move!) Or ants sauce sugar. Imagine?

What is truly in Thailand in bulk, it’s fruit. Only bananas are grown more than 20 species. Thais eat their greens and cooked, generously flavoring spices and soy sauce. But coconuts to Thailand – like potatoes for us. Mango, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, tamarind and other fruits, the names of which you still can not remember, growing up here all year round. In July, keeping pace with a highly valued longans, Lansium Parasiticum, jujube, rambutans and sugar apples.

Do not have time to finish the season one collection as it comes time to others. In honor of some fruits even arranged festivals and carnivals: multicolored carts loaded with the gifts of nature, touring the streets, the locals have fun and fool around, treating all around.

The most caloric of Thai fruits – durian. The local population believes his meat, growing on trees. It would be brutally not to warn you that Durian has a very specific and not pleasant aroma. Many hotels hang ads "With Durian’s entrance is prohibited!" or a sign where a certain oval barbed subject crossed in a red circle, symbolizing Durian, and for the appearance with him in the hotel can even finish. Why? Yes, if you bring a Durian with me, let even in five packets, tightly tied, after a quarter of an hour the whole hotel will know that you brought it: it’s not hiding from this smell! But tasty.

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