Food in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine has its own unique handwriting, it is based on the skilled combination of tastes of high-quality and the most fresh ingredients and herbs than on the addition of spices. Vietnamese cuisine is considered one of the most "healthy" kitchens of the world.

By the way, the peculiarity of traditional Vietnamese cuisine is the daily morning purchase of products, all the dishes, including breakfasts, are preparing exclusively from fresh products.

What be sure to try in Vietnam

The undoubted favorite of Vietnamese cuisine is fish and seafood, although in any menu you will also meet meat dishes chicken, ducks, low-fat pork and beef. In Vietnamese cuisine, culinary traditions of Asia and brought by the colonialists of the tradition of French cuisine were organically united.

FO Soup

The Vietnamese cuisine is considered to be FO Soup (PHO), delicious soup with rice noodles, chicken or beef and fresh herbs and vegetables. FO Soup can be found almost everywhere &# 8212; From street trays to expensive restaurants. Large cities are also quite popular Fast Fudi FDU (best option to try real FD). FO Soup restaurants are often served in the company with greens, lime, Chile and soy sauce &# 8212; For independent &# 171; Brought taste&# 187;.

In addition to soup pho in Vietnamese cuisine, there are many other soup options with noodle (Noodle Soups) &# 8212; with vermicelline, rice or bamboo noodles, meat, bird and / or seafood, vegetables and greens &# 8212; Be sure to try &# 128578;

Traditional Vietnamese FO Soup. Photo (Photo Credit): Natalie Belikova, Five Steps Photoblog

Spring rolls

Traditional Spring Rolls (Spring Rolls) are prepared with pork, rice noodles and vegetables. In the Vietnamese menu, you can also meet vegetable rolls and seafood rolls. Eating rolls, wrapping them into a leaf of lettuce and mock in nut or fish sauce. In addition to traditional Spring &# 8212; Rolls (which are roasted in deep fryer) often found Fresh Rolls.

Spring roles. Photo Credit: Lordanand, Flickr

Crepe &# 8212; pancakes

Another masterpiece of Vietnamese cuisine &# 8212; Thin pancakes with different fillings (Bánh Xèo). Pancakes are also often eating, wrapping in a leaf of salad.

Cool Pancakes at the Hoian Night Market. Photo (Photo Credit): Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoblog

Vietnamese senstors

Vietnamese Sandwicks (Bánh Mì) &# 8212; French heritage in Vietnam. Huge sandwiches are constructed from crisp french baguettes. Filling can the most different.

Sandwich on a street tray in Hoyan. Photo Credit: Dave Le, Flickr

Hot &# 8212; sweat

Dish that you cook yourself, on the burner, which is put right on the table. You bring a saucepan with a boulion or water and a set of ingredients, which, in fact, is included in the ordered dish.

Crab hot sweat in saigon. Photo Credit: Kuuan, Flickr

Local hurry

Each of Vietnamese cities have their own in a hurry (local dishes that can only be tried in this region). Traveling in Vietnam, be sure to look at the pages in a hurry and try local dishes.

Food in Vietnam

Lunch in Sapa. Photo (Photo Credit): Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoblog

Local goodies, Ah Binh Island, Viglong. Photo (Photo Credit): Natalie Belikova, FiveStepsPhotoblog

Seafood grill

The freshest seafood on the grill, which are offered, mainly in the beach regions of Vietnam – delicious and very atmospheric!

Grill of lobster on the beach, Nha Trang, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Charlie Mcrae, Flickr

Coffee, coffee with ice and french pastries

Vietnam is very tasty coffee. Vietnamese brewing very strong coffee using special small steel filters, which are put on top of a coffee cup. Coffee milk is often used condensed. In trendy cafes, coffee is fed by European standards &# 8212; with milk or cream.

Iced coffee &# 8212; The drink in which it is impossible does not fall in love) strong coffee, condensed milk and a large amount of ice &# 8212; Magic combination. A drink in high glasses is served.

Be sure to find a pastry shop with baking or try coffee with cake in one of the stylish cafe Hanoi or Ho Chi Minhine.

Strong Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk. Photo Credit: TeamGrayDuck, Flickr


In Vietnam, a huge number of different fruits, as usual to European person and very exotic. Try everything! &# 128578;

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