Food in Vietnam as a way to find out the country

The first, second and one hundred forty fifth universal for all countries the rule says &# 8212; Eat what the locals eat and eat where local residents eat.

FO Soup, Food in Vietnam. Photo Credit: Dtracorp, Flickr

Vietnamese cuisine without a doubt one of the best in the world. And, except that it is diverse both in dishes and in combination of tastes (symbiosis of sweet and sour generously flavored with spices and fresh greens), it is also different depending on the region of Vietnam. Traveling around the country, you can see this on the example of one of the most famous Vietnam dishes &# 8212; Soup FO (PHO), which will have its own unique taste in the northern, central and southern Vietnam.

In addition to differences in tastes, each of the regions also different food culture. In Hanoi in the north of Vietnam, full of fruit shops, street food and cafes, where visitors are sitting almost on the asphalt. In Hue, traditional restaurants are much more common, but in Ho Chi Minhine (Saigon) &# 8212; abundance of one and second.

Needless to say, to eat in Vietnam &# 8212; This is not the same thing to eat in the Vietnamese restaurant at home. In your country, you will simply bring a Vietnamese dish, here you will get an authentic food and an atmosphere.

Intending to eat as a local resident, it is worth considering some nuances.

Outdoor Restaurant Quan An NGON, Food in Vietnam. Photo Credit: PAIGE LAYNO WINN, FLICKR

Get rid of the template reading about the restaurant

In Vietnam, not always the place where you can eat delicious, correspond to the classic view of the European restaurant. Badly far and very not always)

For example, as an option, a restaurant can serve one of the rooms of the residential house of the owners, naturally with access to the street. Or a long row of tables and shops on the market, where they are ready for food.

Restaurant on the market in the sappa. Photo Credit: Kuuan, Flickr

Night market in Saigon, Food in Vietnam. Photo Credit: StrippedPixel, Flickr

Either mobile improvised mini-kitchens, owner or hostess which, in a matter of minutes, will cook something delicious.

Mobile kitchen, Food in Vietnam. Photo Credit: Puting Bagwis, Flickr

Improvised kitchen in the old quarter of Hanoi. Photo Credit: Chris Goldberg, Flickr

Mobile kitchen. Photo Credit: Engin Yalçı, Flickr

If you see anyone accumulation of small, like toy, tables and stools and vietnamese tables, you can join, you will not regret)

Food in Vietnam as a way to find out the country

On the banks of the river in Hoyan. Photo Credit: Indie Ching, Flickr

See where and what the locals eat

If you have a familiar view of a restaurant with exclusively by European persons inside your way on your way, think it’s good, before you go there) whether you drove into the distance?)

Ignoring the tourist restaurant, you will most likely not get the same comfort and sterility. But you will have an atmospheric lunch and genuine, not adapted to the tastes of Europeans. In addition, for a much smaller price than in a restaurant for foreigners.

In some cases, the menu will be only in Vietnamese. Do not worry about this, look around what they eat behind the neighboring tables and order the dish you like. Or if there are shop windows with products, just show what you want to eat.

Food in Vietnam. Photo Credit: Giacomo.Tamagnini, Flickr

Not everywhere it is worth waiting for a variety of menu

If you already completely delve into the study of local street food, come across that in some places the menu consists only of one dish. This is such a kind of street food Vietnam &# 8212; Kiosks with a pair of tables around or small pavilions with the same mobile kitchen. In such places, only one dish is prepared and his name will always be on a signboard.

Japanese tourists lunch in a street restaurant in Hanoi, food in Vietnam. Photo Credit: Marco Sarli, Flickr

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