Food in Vietnam: 14 favorite dishes of Vietnamese in the central region

Cultural Triangle Vietnam (Hue &# 8212; Danang &# 8212; Hoyan) &# 8212; region rich both on traditional Vietnamese dishes and on &# 171; Hurry&# 187 ;,, dishes that can only try here. Below the collection of local hurry and shops with a good reputation from Vietnamese blogger Hét Photography (Hetagram)

Most of the dishes mentioned in the text can be found not only on the addresses indicated in the photo and text, but also in other places in the region. It should be borne in mind that outdoor food in Vietnam &# 8212; A completely special culture. Often local enemy look like this: a tiny food tray in which one dish and a couple of low chairs are preparing directly placed on the sidewalk next to the tray. Another popular format of street edge &# 8212; So-called shops, small open rooms with open kitchen or the same food tray and table chairs. Menu shops are usually limited to several dishes, often even one. Therefore, look at the signage, come closer, watch the food and in what state the serving dishes. If everything is clean, food is hot, and near the tray / shop &# 8212; Many satisfied locals, experiment boldly!

If you still do not risk it on the street, not trouble. Almost in any restaurant Hue, Dananga and Hoian, there will always be a couple of local in a hurry to choose.

Banh Mi &# 8212; Vietnamese Satvich

The main ingredient of the traditional Vietnamese sandster &# 8212; This is a air and fragrant French baguette, which is actually called Banh Mi. Baguette is filled with different mixtures with characteristic &# 8212; Vietnamese tastes that provide fresh vegetables and fragrant grasses seasoning. French adds the use of different pate and mayonnaise characteristic of French cuisine.

Food in Vietnam 14 favorite Vietnamese dishes in the central region

Banhi Mi Phuong &# 8212; Local Star in Hoyan. Madame Phuong prepares his bans with a pile pate, pork on the grill, pickled papaya, fresh vegetables and a mixture of fragrant herbs. Address in Hoyan: 2b Phan Chu Trinh (All addresses See below on the map).

Banhi Mi Sum &# 8212; Less well-known Bahi Options that local residents often recommend. This is a small food tray equipped with a grill, which fries pork and beef for banya and the bread is heated. You can choose the main ingredients. Address in Hoyan: 149 TRNN HưNG đạO.

Two other places in Hoyan, where you can taste delicious local bans:

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