Food in Thailand

Thai food is one of the main attractions of the country! The basis of Thai cuisine is the unique combinations of lemontrass, coconut milk, ginger, tamarinda, fresh basilica, coriander, garlic and chili pepper.

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You can try a variety of Thai cuisine dishes and not only in restaurants, but also on the streets. Street Thai food is, first of all, the delicious Thai snacks, among which fruit snacks and a huge amount of fruits and Thai sweets occupy a special place.

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What be sure to try in Thailand

Each traveler eventually forms his sheet of preferences in the Thai food list. But there are dishes that should be trying to try.


In Thailand, there are more than 40 types of chili, and, by the way, it is the type of chili determines the type of curry. Thailand prepare red curry, green curry, yellow curry and curry Massan. You can choose Curry in the form of soup or curry in the form of sauce, curry with seafood, fish, meat, bird.

Remember, the traditional Thai curry is very sharp, if you try Thai Curry for the first time, ask to make Middle Spicy Curry (Middle Spicy) and decide how you come further – order less acute curry (adapted for Western tourists) or more acute, which eaten Local residents.

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Toya &# 8212; pit

Thai soups can also be boldly attributed to the works of culinary art. Be sure to try, Tom-Yam (Tom Yum) – Thailand’s Culinary Hit. It is often served in special soup with burner in the middle)

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Pad Tai

Pad Tai (Pad Thai) is also one of the most famous traditional Thailand dishes, it is rice noodles, fried with egg, vegetables and special sauce. Usually in the Pad Tai menu goes with a whole section &# 8212; with different ingredients.

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Fried rice

Kao Phad &# 8212; Fried Thai Fig. Try different variations &# 8212; with fish, seafood, chicken and TP. In Chiang May in the north of Thailand and on some Islands of Thailand, branded dish &# 8212; Roasted rice in pineapple, with cashews and shrimps.

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Dish in sour sweet sauce

Sweet and South Sauce (Sweet and Sour) also refers to the list of iconic Thai dishes, especially by those who do not like sharp dishes. Usually in sour-sweet sauce prepare fish, seafood and pork, vegetables and pineapple &# 8212; Mandatory ingredients.


Fixes with noodles

Noodle Soup &# 8212; Excellent option for fast lunches and faithful friend of the hilarious becpecker in Thailand). The most popular variations with chicken and seafood.

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Soup with coconut milk

Food in Thailand

Refreshing, often very sharp soup with coconut milk &# 8212; Particularly popular on Thailand Islands. Options usually &# 8212; Chicken, Seafood, Fish.

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Dishes with cashews

Cashew dishes in the menu are part of the private block (Cashew Nuts). The main ingredients (chicken, meat, fish or products) are roasted in wok with sweet soy sauce, chili, vegetables and cashews. Well, very tasty)

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Fruit Freasha and Cocktails

Thailand, like any country of Southeast Asia, will delight you with a variety of fresh-sided juices and juice cocktails. Do not be afraid to order Freasha, just ask not to dilute Fresh with water. Be sure to try the watermelon Fresh and coconut cocktail.

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Coconut milk

And, of course, the favorite of Thais – Coconut Milk, which in Thailand drink straight from coconut.

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Water in Thailand

Do not drink tap water. We also do not recommend you brush your teeth with water pipes. Buying bottled water (especially on the street), check the integrity of the lid.

If you like beer, then the quality of the local beer Singha will pleasantly surprise you.

Food in Thailand

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