Dietary menu in Thailand without lactose, gluten, sugar

Thais big fans eat. They are either hamster, or think about it. Stayed hungry in Thailand unreal, even if you have a special diet or special food. Usually for holidays My friends are preparing vegetables, chicken and seafood. Because some do not eat meat, others – pork, third – beef. Another thing is that Thais do not particularly understand all the subtleties and nuances, eat everything that moves. I’ll tell you about the underwater stones of different types of special nutrition.

Food for children in Thailand

The easiest thing is to find a suitable food for a child. On popular Phuket beaches, you will find restaurants and cafes with our and European cuisine, and among Thai dishes a lot of nonostile. In the markets you are waiting for a variety of fruits and vegetables, and in large shopping centers – baby food and usual products. Read a separate article than feeding a baby or schoolchild in Thailand.

Vegan, Vegetarians and Sourieda in Thailand

Thai kitchen includes many dishes with meat and seafood. Even vegetables can be prepared with fish or oyster sauce, chopped dried shrimps are added in the curry paste, and Tofu is fish or egg. But in Thailand there are vegetarian, vegan and raw food restaurants. Read articles about Thai veg-dishes that can be ordered everywhere, a list of specialized cafes in Phuket and Bangkok.

Products and dishes without gluten

For people with gluten intolerance or celiac journey to Thailand will be in joy, if you know the nuances of Thai cuisine. You can rent a hotel or apartments with a kitchen on Airbnb and cook at home. In supermarkets you will find many label products "Gluten Free": rice paper, pasta, cookies, crackers, cereals, flakes, muesli, rings, chips, sauces, jams, soy yogurts, ketchup Heinz, lactasoy milk and much more.

Bread in stores to find unreal, but they sell glucumber flour. Hostess: In the macro there are roasted bread, but wheat. In Bangkok, you can even find a gluten-free beer Brewdog Vagabond Pale Ale and Daura Damm. Blue Elephant brand sold spices and pastes in boxes for gifts. Large selection of such products in Villa Market, Central Food Hall or Tops. Below is a list of healthy food shops on Phuket, where you can make an online order.

  • HealthFoodThailaland.Com
  • OrganicPhuket.Com
  • Organicloverthailand.Com

In restaurants and on the Makashnitsh, it is worth avoiding soy sauce, which add wheat flour, eating in breading or grain, some types of noodles, many sauces and ketchups. Alternatively, buy your brand soy sauce MegaChef and wear with you. As a rule, oyster and fish sauces do not contain gluten.

Cafe and restaurants can be ordered curry – green, sharp red, yellow, Massan, Panang; salads somes there from Papaya, Mamuang Mamuang Mamuang, Yam Vunsen with a glass noodle; fried rice, sticky or pair; Soups Tom pits or volume Kha, omelet and fried vegetables.

Pattai, Khan Jin and Patwene, will fit the dishes with rice noodles. Be sure to say "May Si Si-Yu" (ไม่ ใส่ ซีอิ้ว) – do not add soy sauce. From the desserts in the markets and Makashniks, you will find sticky rice with mango Khaa Niao Mamuang, sticky rice in bamboo Khao Lam and candy onion ChUP from beans Mung in the form of multicolored fruits and vegetables. And, of course, delicious fresh fruits and cocktails from them.

With paints and inexpensive cafes need to be careful. In broth cubes and crumbly seasonings in the bags they use, contains wheat. Be careful with noodles, where, in addition to rice, there is an egg or other noodle. They make soups, perch noodles in one container, so there will be gluten in broth. There are several restaurants on Phuket, where they offer gluten-free dishes: Two Chefs, Natural Efe Macrobiotic World, O-Oh Farm, Pure Vegan Heaven and Gallery Cafe by Pinky. I recommend them in my mobile guide.

Without lactose and casein

Dairy production and cows appeared in Thailand only in the middle of the XX century, but still almost all milk in powder stores. Recent years, the Government scored anxiety due to an increase in the number of children with lactose intolerance. Children’s lactial, hypoallergenic mixes and nutrition based on goat milk appeared in stores, and gluten cookies. At the same time, the adult world remained at the same level: in a rare coffee shop you can find vegetable milk, the locals themselves, the fans of the concentric, which is added to tea, coffee and desserts, and in schools give out fresh milk.

In Thai cuisine, a cow or another animal milk is almost not used. With the exception of condensed milk, for example, in SUP Tom Yam Khon. On Vegan Condication and Milk Brands Carnation, Tea Pot, Mali, Falcon, Palace written Non Dairy or stands icon "Ja". It is with them that drinks during the vegetarian festival.

In any shopping center and even in minimarkets you will find brine MMILK brand milk, goat or vegetable brand. The latter is not only soy. There is coconut, rice, sesame, almond, pistachio, from forest and walnut. Thai producers of vegetable milk sin with the addition of a large amount of sugar. See that the packaging was an inscription Unsweetened or Low Sugar – Brands West Soy, V Soy, Blue Diamond, Silk, Pure Harvest, SO Good.

I want to warn about the brand Lactasoy: most of their milk from soybeans with the addition of powder milk with lactose, on the vegetable is written Non-Dairy and stands icon "Ja". Soy Yogurt Rivon Soy-milk products sell with strawberry tastes, plums or blueberries. In supermarkets there is a choice of cheeses with goat milk or lactose. In restaurants and cafes just in case you say "May Say Nom Voua" (ไม่ ใส่ น ม วัว) or attend Ja-Vegan restaurants with a yellow icon, similar to Number 17 or Chinese hieroglyph.

Diabetic menu

For diabetics in Thailand, light meals are suitable, which in the menu are called Stir-Fry. They are prepared in the Wok frying pan literally a few minutes with a small amount of vegetable oil and one of the salt sauces. At the same time, vegetables still remain crispy, and meat or seafood are ready. The content in them salt is not so big.

Food in Thailand - without lactose, without gluten, Diabetic menus, Fantastic and keto

The problem is that in many Thai dishes, in addition to fish, soy or oyster sauce, sugar are put, and sugar syrup is added to drinks. You can ask "May Sai Tang" (ไม่ ใส่ น้ำตาล) – do not add sugar. From seafood worth paying preference to grilled or pair, soy or sharp sauce with lime will be served.

Many restaurants on popular Phuket beaches in the menu there are usual salads: Caesar, Greek, green. If you are cooking yourself, then in any supermarket you will find a large selection of suitable products: fruits, vegetables, cereals, low-fat milk and yogurts, natural sweeteners and stevia, caustic and vegetable oil, diabetic jams and even ice cream.

Halal nutrition

Muslims in Thailand not so much, but on Phuket about 30%, so finding a freestyle restaurant is very easy. In supermarkets on products there is a certain Halal icon, which you can distinguish the necessary products. The same icon is bangible on the doors and signs of freebies: Thai, Arab, Indian, Turkish. You will meet them not only on popular beaches, but also in Phuket Town, and at refueling adjacent provinces.

Many restaurants specializing in seafood dishes have the status of the Halal and even the fast food network KFC. From Thai cuisine It is worth trying an authentic Carry Massan, Pancakes Roti, Mainbuck, rice noodles with fish curry, colored rice with vegetables Khaa Yam, chicken kebabs SATE. In Thailand, there is even a separate application for smartphones – Thailand Muslim Friendly.

Low carb, Frameless, LCHF and keto-food

For people who prefers food with high fat and restricting carbohydrates, there are also no problems. In stores in assortment meat, bird, fish, cheeses (better buy in close-up), eggs, creamy, coconut, olive oil, avocado and other. Even sell liquid pork fat. In restaurants, scroll through dishes with noodles and rice, order beef steaks (better imported), salmon or tuna. Of course, no french fries.

Your All is Stir Fried: Fried with shrimp and broccoli garlic, Ipomea (Morning Glory) in the oyster sauce with sesame or stew cabbage. In seafood restaurants or where Chinese tourists go, separate pages are dedicated to vegetable snacks. From Thai cuisine, sharp meat salads Lahap and us current, all sorts of kebabs with macashnitsa and seafood. Just do not forget about sugar, which is enough in every Thai dish and drinks, ask for it not to add it – "May Sai Tang" (ไม่ ใส่ น้ำตาล).

You will enjoy the barbecue buffets with braziers – "Mu Kata" (หมู กระทะ) with meat and "Kung Kata" (กุ้ง กะทะ) with seafood (for example, on Patong), Network restaurants Hot Pot with the same principle of grilled meat cooking, bitch-yaki Shabushi and MK. In Big C and Tesco Lotus supermarkets you can buy fresh fish with a fit and ask for her. Even in hotels for breakfast, bacon, eggs and butter give.

Allergy to glutamate sodium or MSG

You can argue how much to argue about the dangers of glutamate sodium. Only there are no intelligible research, and in Asian cuisine it has been used for a long time as seasonings like salt or sugar. It does not strengthen any taste, affects L-glutamate receptors.

Besides salty, sour, sweet, bitter human language recognizes taste "Ummy", which have seafood, meat dishes, cheeses, mushrooms and other protein products. In Thailand, it is customary to add a little MSG powder during cooking. Yes, you yourself eat in sausages, ketchups, fast cooking noodles, bouillon cubes and other things.

Glutamate powder in the supermarket is easy to confuse with salt or sugar. Its crystals are elongated and have a characteristic shine. Nothing, only some people have the intolerance of the glutamate sodium, expressed in rash and redness. It is worthwing to know that food in most Makashnitz feeding soups and second dishes is prepared with broth cubes, seasonings from the bag, where there is already a MSG. Order Food without glutamate will help the phrase "May Sai Pong Churot" (ไม่ ใส่ ผง ชูรส). Some restaurants and cafes specially highlight the principle of cooking all their dishes "No MSG". These are restaurants of healthy nutrition, vegetarian and, for example, Natural Restaurant.

Other Allergy

Allergens in Thai cuisine may be peanuts and other nuts, sesame, egg, soy, corn, seafood and sauces based on them, glutamate. I made you a small product dictionary.

  • Peanut – Tua Lee Song (ถั่ว ลิสง)
  • Almond – Almon (อัลมอนด์)
  • Orekhi – Tua (ถั่ว)
  • Seafood – Siphut / Ahan Thhale (ซี ฟู้ด / อาหาร ทะเล)
  • A fish – PL (ปลา)
  • Mollusks – Hoi (หอย)
  • Egg – Khai (ไข่)
  • Soy – Tua Lyang (ถั่วเหลือง)
  • Sesame – NGA (งา)
  • Wheat – Khao Sali (ข้าวสาลี)
  • Soy sauce – Si-Yu (ซีอิ้ว)
  • Sugar – Tang (น้ำตาล)
  • Salt – Klya (เกลือ)
  • Corn – Khao Pot (ข้าวโพด)
  • Mushrooms – Hyt (เห็ด)
  • Strawberry – strobe (สตรอเบอร์รี่)
  • Onion – Hom Ya (หอม ใหญ่)
  • Garlic – dying (กระเทียม)
  • Glutamate – Pong Chtern (ผง ชูรส)
  • Cow’s milk Noma vua (นม วัว)
  • Dairy products – Akhan Ti there Jack Mr. (อาหาร ที่ ทำ จาก นม)

If you do not eat any more products, use the translator application. In a separate article, I explained in detail how to talk with Thais without knowledge of English, only with a smartphone. Pleasant gastronomic travel!

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