20 ways to save on food in Thailand

Food on Phuket, in Pattaya and in general in Thailand inexpensive compared to Europe. Prices for food vary from several baht to hundreds of dollars. In Thailand, many restaurants and cafes for every taste and wallet. To save on food in Thailand you need to know some nuances of the local catering.

Hidden Service and VAT Tax

Sometimes the guests of Thailand occur unpleasant incidents in restaurants and cafes: when the final score turns out to be much higher than the planned. In many places, the price of the menu is indicated without taking tax for the service and VAT. In this case, at the bottom of each page of the menu, the small font indicates: 10% service tax and 7% VAT. This course often uses local marketers, exposing a promotion to a particular dish with a price without taking into account taxes. For example, all cocktails in the restaurant will be worth 99 baht – so reads a bright signboard. And below attributed that the price does not include 17% taxes. Advertising promotional or promotions, on the banners they write: the price of dinner 99 ++ per person. These pluses mean adding 17% of taxes.

Prices for 100 grams

The price per dish with seafood is often indicated from the calculation by 100 grams. The menu will be written in front of the fried fish with a sauce: 100 Bath Per 100 GRAM. Thus, the whole roasted fish will cost no 100 baht, as written in the menu, and in 300-400. Also pay attention to the cost of fish on ice, shrimp and lobster, which are still swimming. These prices are also specified for 100 grams. To find out the approximate cost of the finished dish, feel free to ask about this waiter. He will suspend seafood and will say the approximate value. For example, a small lobster dish will be 800-1200 baht.

Food with trays in the family cafe

Family cafes and dining rooms

If you want to save, do not eat in restaurants designed for tourists, choose family cafes or mini food, where Thais themselves go. They are easy to find out on plastic furniture and free water on the table in a countess. On the shelves there are large trays with finished food: chicken, pork, beef, fish or vegetables. You are putting out rice and several meat or vegetable additives to choose. Such places are found everywhere, even in the streets of Banglov Street. In popular beaches it is enough to move away from the beach. Portion of rice with chicken or soup will cost such a 50-60-bah institution.

Thai dishes against European

Prefer Thai cuisine and local products. This Italian pizza, prepared in a wood-burning furnace, and a steak of Australian beef will cost quite expensive. Two restaurants located nearby and offering Thai and international dishes may vary at prices in two times. The thing is that in one prepare from Thai beef, and in another of the Australian or New Zealand. Imported products always increase the cost of dishes and affect taste. Imported beer brands like Heiniken and Asahi, more expensive local Leo and Chang.

Rice and meat with a basil for 40-60 baht

Buffet and Barbecue Cafe

In Thailand, restaurants of a la buffet with cost of 150-250 baht per person. Similar places are divided into meat restaurants (mu-kata) and seafood restaurants (Kung Kata). On each table will be a brazier, where you cook your own meat or shrimp on the grill and cook the soup with greens and vegetables. On the buffet presented cuts of raw meat, vegetables, greens and desserts. Number of sets is not limited to the buffet. Just do not take too much food: some restaurants charge a penalty for uneaten on their plates. Description and buffets coordinates of Phuket you’ll find in my mobile guide.

No American fast food

Do not eat in the network fast food restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King. Especially not to save them. Portion of French fries, hamburger and Coke will cost 90-170 baht. For the money, you can eat well in the family cafe. Near the shopping centers Tesco Lotus and Big C are found trays "5 star" Red. There’s fried chicken legs and wings, almost like KFC, at a price of 2 times less.

Satay skewers for 40-60 baht

Share with your friends

The restaurant is not in a hurry to book all vending dishes. Select three different variants for two and divide among themselves. Thais bought by the company a few common dishes and try a bit of everything – it’s one of the rules of Thai restaurants. And you try more and save.

Incase me with a

If you do not fit, and the food on the table there were many, tell the waiter to pack the remaining container – take away. Take with them the remains of dinner, perfectly normal, no one will look askance at you. Food put into the container, which was left in the refrigerator of your room.

Drinks without ice – double the price

By default, all drinks in Thai restaurants serve ice. The heat melts ice quickly. If you want to order a juice without ice, it must be said to the waiter in advance. In some places, no ice drinks will cost you more. All the ice that is served in restaurants, food. His specially made in the factories of purified water. Technical Crushed ice is used for cooling or freezing of fruits, seafood and beverages. Neither I, nor my visitors was never poisoned by iced drinks.

Cork fee for your alcohol

In low-cost Thai restaurants and cafes you can come with your strong alcohol. It is enough to order ice and soft drinks for mixes. Thais even has special places resembling kindergartens with wooden tables. In such Beer Garden, all visitors come with their bottles, and beer can be ordered in place. In most European restaurants for opening a bottle take a board 400-600 BAT – CORK FEE. The same goes for nightclubs.

Food with Makashnitz

Mobile kitchens and ekashnitsa allow you to save on food. Noodle soup costs 30-60 baht, salad of papaya, which is prepared right with you, from 30-40 baht, chicken kebabs or pork for 10-20 baht, Roti pancakes from 20-30 baht, grilled seafood from 15- 40 baht. There is or not from Makashnitz – decide ourselves. Street food is part of the local culture. It will be incorrect to miss many delicious things that sell only from trays. You will not find them in restaurants or cafes.

Food in markets and fairs

The most inexpensive food is sold in the markets. There are prepared right with you from fresh products. Portion of noodles with vegetables costs 20-40 baht, a dozen fried quail eggs 15 baht, soups and hot dishes 30-50 baht. You can take everything with you or eat immediately at the table. Thai markets are a wonderful opportunity not only to eat, but also see the real authentic kitchen. Watch the best markets on Phuket and food options on Sandy Market. If you are going to relax in Pattaya, read about the markets and fairs of the city.

Restaurant courtyards or food courts

In each mall, in addition to ordinary cafes, there is a restaurant courtyard with trays, where 30-120 baht will prepare various Thai dishes. Payment is occurring either in cash, or you first need to put money on the card at the checkout. Phuket Best Food Court is located in the Floresta Central shopping center on the first floor. There you will find dishes of all regions of Thailand at affordable prices.

Food in supermarkets

Food in Thailand - How to save, tips, prices, reviews Guide to Phuket

In the shopping centers supermarkets you will find a lot of inexpensive food in containers. Fried rice with beef and omelet, pork with basil and rice, baked chicken, sushi, baking, chopped fruits, natural juices and much more. Cost of ready-made dishes from 30 baht.

Buffet "with myself" in supermarkets

In the same supermarkets there is a buffet with various finished food. You need to take a plastic container, put everything in it: Fresh and boiled vegetables, fried mushrooms, boiled quail or chicken eggs, french pepper potatoes, eggplants with garlic, fruits and desserts. Then give a container employee of the store on weighing. One hundred grams of food with a similar buffet costs 20-45 baht. Salads on the portion of salad can be used immediately.

Discounts on food

In the evenings, closer to the closure, in every supermarket, like Lotus, Bigc, Tops, Central Food Hall, the sale of finished food is carried out. Cutting fruits, sushi, packed rice with chicken and much more sell with 50% discount. Great option how to arrange an inexpensive dinner-picnic on the beach.

Ready food in the markets

Supermarkets prepare food

In each supermarket, you can ask that the fish or shrimp you choose has prepared. They are frying in a fryer or baked in a fuch furnace. Such a service is free, you only pay for the cost of seafood by weight.

Shop near hotel

Optional ride in large shopping centers for products. In the nearest mini market, goods needed to you at the same price: yogurts, milk, bread, cheese, sausages, eggs, water, drinks, and so on. So you will save a taxi that is very expensive in Phuket. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be bought in the market nearest to you. Their entire list with the map of the island, see this article.

Shares in mini markets

Watch out for discounts and promotions in mini markets 7-11 and Family Mart. They often reduce goods prices. For example, two bottles of 1,5 liters. Instead of 28 baht, will cost 20. Trifle – but nice. Network of mini-marketers thick network covers all Thailand. They can buy something to eat or even a full-fledged frozen food: fast cooking noodles for 5-8 baht, sandwiches for 20-30 baht, Chinese dumplings for 30 baht, boiled eggs for 12 baht, sausages, chicken wings and even portions of rice with pork for 40-50 baht. Any food will be disappeared or warmed in a microwave.

Dining area on the market

Drinking water for 1 baht

Drinking water is more profitable to buy bottles of 5 liters, its cost from 30 baht. Easually save on the water, if you use filtering machines. 1 liter of osmotic water costs 1 baht. It is enough to bring your empty container, omit the desired amount into the water intake – and inexpensive water is always with you. I recommend this water to use for tea or drinking boiled. And do not drink water from under the tap. It takes from fresh water bodies and do not clean for drinking. And if you live in the house, water is stored in a big tank in the territory. It is not worth drinking it.

In conclusion, I would like to summarize how much food is on Phuket. It all depends on you and from the place of rest. Middle lunch in an inexpensive restaurant costs 200-300 baht per person, in a family cafe with free water – 30-150. Becpeckers can easily spend only 100 baht per day for food. How will you have to solve only you. Pleasant appetite and economical dinners!

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