Where to eat in Taipei or the features of Taiwanese cuisine

Most travelers, planning a trip to a new country for themselves for the first time, always wonder "Where to eat?", And most importantly -" What to eat?". When it comes to European countries, such a question rarely arises, but if we go to the Asian country, it is relevant than ever. So, the topic of our today’s report – "Food in Taiwan". Taiwanese cuisine is quite similar to Chinese. Well. As similar. In fact, it is she, but only with their tangible features. I must say that Taiwanese (in particular, Taipets) rarely prepare at home. As a rule, after work, they come to one of the many bars, restaurants, snack bars and cafes to dine, and only then go home. Of course, they also prepare at home, but it is a big rarity. Why it happens?

The fact is that the eating "on the street" often goes cheaper than to cook the same at home, plus the natural saving of time – the benefit is evident! Most of all in the world, the inhabitants of the Republic of China appreciate their time and will not spend the precious hours of relaxation for the kitchen stove.

We will start our excursion to "edible" places with Night markets (Nightmarketov, NightMarkets) – It is here that you can find the cheapest food. It should be borne in mind that especially impressionable people are better not to start familiarizing with Taiwanese food at Nightmarks: the air is filled with a huge amount of odors, often not very pleasant for the average European nose, and the appearance of some dishes causes mixed feelings. Well, bold and desperate, as well as those who are limited in funds, we will ask now to follow us.

In Nightmarks, we feed often, a lot and with pleasure and have never had any problems with the stomach. Among our acquaintances, there were no such people, so there can be safe there, you just need to get used to you slightly. The fact is that in Taiwan everything is very hard for public catering points in terms of legislation and control its execution. All the owners of restaurants, cafes, cafes and trays with sausages on the wheels are very valuable by their licenses and do not allow any antisanitarian, otherwise the evil uncle will come from the SES and it will close to the devils of a dog.

Well, let’s start our acquaintance with "Naitmarkeette" Food that is sold from trays: You buy it and eat on the go, or look for a place where you can sit down and calmly eat it. HM. Poetry? Food here Great many for every taste, color and smell. Prices are usually nothing but smile. So, food at smiling prices – meet!

Of all the dishes that we have tried from such trays, we are most loved by the roasted "squid on a stick". Here even now we write, but drooling dripped on the keyboard. &# 128578;

You can also buy all sorts of fruits and fresh juices on the market, but here it is worth being attentive – if fruits are brought from somewhere from Europe or America (for example, a cherry or strawberry), then the price of them will be at no less than in Russia. But local fruits are really a penny. By the way, you ever tried bamboo juice?

In addition to eating trays, you can find small cafes in the markets, literally on several tables, and seafood or noodles are usually prepared there. And all products are very fresh and high-quality. Yes Yes, Fresh and Quality. We ask you to pay attention to this – this is not mainland China. Yes it is in general, in fact, not china. And not Thailand, although consonant, of course. &# 128578;

Separately worth saying about sweets. Here are very common fruits and vegetables in caramels, especially strawberries and tomatoes. In my own experience, let’s say that if the strawberries are clear for us, the tomato in sugar caramel looks strange, but it tastes this combination is very nothing – to try it! The price of one such a stick near NT $ 10 (€ 0.24).

You can find in large quantities and traditional desserts: for example, soft Turkish ice cream. And it is accompanied not only with excellent taste, but also a whole representation. Here is such an artistic Turk, we met on the night market in Danshu.

But this performance on video. &# 128578;

There are still shops with strange vegetable products and tea – most likely, these are some kind of drugs, but tourists are happy to consume them as dried fruits without going into details. Honestly – we did not risk and you do not advise you, it is better to consult better first. &# 128578;

Despite the fact that we have a fairly extensive experience in drinking strange foods (for example, we tried raw sea ends in Cyprus, fried scorpions in China, incomprehensible demand and brains of monkey in Turkey, a pilent rectum in France), we can’t Make yourself try "smelly" tofu cheese. Those who tried, say that it tastes much better than on the smell, but we still can not be confirmed or refuted. But. Still ahead! &# 128578;

After the night markets, we will go on a fast food tour. As in many other countries, there are McDonalds in Taiwan. By the way, some of these eaters deliver food even at night. So lovers of night hikes to white boxes can eat and at night – have it in mind. &# 128578;

There are also fast-food restaurants (although in Taiwan always and everywhere quickly served) and with local meals. For example, in the Pescador Islands we found a great place, which came several times – so I liked it there.

As a main dish, a chicken or pork is here, but the header can be chosen by any of those that are presented on the storefront, and of course beef soup with noodles. You can eat like in a restaurant, and take with you.

You can have a snack in the "7-Eleven" stores very common in the Asian countries. We, for example, during our trip to Penghu regularly ate hot dogs (delicious were!).

Restaurants with a barbecue are very popular in the Republic of China, and all to fry there yourself. The choice of what exactly fry is always very large: you can choose seafood, any meat, vegetables. By the way, the same applies to soups: you can weld yourself to your taste.

One of the best places with such a system where we managed to visit – Restaurant The Top. But we love him not for the quality and taste of food, but for the appearance that opens with its terraces. We are not lovers of pathos restaurants with high prices, but this one is worth going there at least once.

Since we are talking about our favorite places, we will tell about the most. &# 128578; One of them is a small restaurant "B98". As a rule, in the evening all the places here are occupied, and not only inside, but also outside. Therefore, it’s not so easy to get here, and only an acquaintance with the owner of this institution, as well as the European appearance gave us the opportunity to almost always sit down for a table in a peak hour. &# 128578;

In this restaurant we never told you how we prepare this or that dish. The owner, he is a part-time cook, preparing "as you like". By the way, he does not speak English – only in Chinese. For the first time, our Taiwan friend brought us here, since then we are often here, and how not to go here, when it’s so tasty. And Moscow standards – almost free.

Not guess what these sausages are made from. Pink – from shrimp, and black – from octopus!

By the way, the fish from the title photography is also from this restaurant. In general, we highly recommend, but be prepared to apply all your ability to talk and explain all the language of the body and facial expressions.

Another one of our favorite places – Network Eyering "Sushi Express". It works around the clock and very popular with young people. The degree of its popularity can be judged by the fact that once at 3 o’clock in the morning we had to wait 15 minutes, while at least one place is free.

Everything looks like this – you sit down at the table, but the containers with food are "sailing": sushi, rolls, salads, desserts and drinks. With prices, everything is very simple: any plate "from the conveyor" costs NT $ 30 (€ 0.7). The account is applied by the number of plates, which were on your table at the end of the meal.

If you can’t wait for some particular dish for a very long time, you can make an order to the waiter and make it specially prepared. At the same time, the price will remain the same – NT $ 30. Green tea, ginger and vasabi – free.

Another network institution in the style of Japanese Taffanga (鉄板 焼き). Before a cook – a large rolled sheet of metal (table-frying table), in which he frowns the ordered dish right with you. It turns out unusually tasty.

Even simple Beijing cabbage and cod turn into sophisticated dishes. But this place is considered not very cheap: Dinner for two with beer will cost you about NT $ 600 (€ 14.2), although we sometimes got all NT $ 900 (€ 21.3). &# 128578; Look at the cooking process with your own eyes in this short video.

Food in Taiwan. Food in Taipei or features of Taiwanese cuisine.

We also love shrimp very much, so we definitely visit the eatery, in which, in addition to shrimps, it seems, nothing else is prepared. It does not have an English name, so among our friends it passes under the codenate name "shrimp".

It happened that in our family Natasha – a terrible sweet tooth, which, without a daily dose of sweet, begins breaking, and the seaside, on the contrary, is completely indifferent to baking and chocolate. Maxim in his predensions has not yet decided – now he loves meat and broccoli most.

But in Taiwan in our family there is a rare unity – every morning it begins in a bakery with a cup of fragrant coffee and fresh cake, or a cake, or a bun, or a ponchik. &# 128578; And then we go to look for meat for the male half of our family.

Personally, we are not lovers of alcoholic beverages, but in Taiwan can not refuse themselves in a bottle of "Taiwan Beer" for dinner. By the way, the beer is very worthy and should like the connoisseurs of soft varieties. For lovers, you have a local "vodka" fortress 58 (and more) degrees – has a sharp "self-sinking" smell, so we still do not try it, although a bottle has been presented for friends for several years.

Despite your favorite places, we are looking for new cafes and restaurants every time and our experience in this issue is very successful. We fed on Fudcorts of large shopping centers – food there is delicious and relatively cheap. If you do not like difficulty, then this is the easiest and most convenient option. Sellers almost always speak English at least at the primitive level.

We fried meat on coals, and not only in restaurants, but also in the courtyard "Hotel".

We went to visit our Taiwanese friends who fed us on their own cooked meal.

We even stole tried to eat raw fish directly from fishing nets (joke). &# 128578;

And they understood one very important thing for themselves, which may be useful to you. Coming in Taiwan in a new one, while an unfamiliar place, it makes sense to order several different dishes at once, consciously accepting the fact that everyone does not to master them. The fact is that in those places that we usually visit, the waiters are rarely spoken in English and understand how it is quite difficult to do this or that dish.

Even if there are pictures in the menu, there is probability to order what you eat at all, and then you have to make an order again and wait again. Prices for food in Taiwan are very humane, so even with this approach, the score will be quite reasonable. But if you are a student who came to Taiwan to study the Chinese language, then our method is hardly suitable – you will have to check the method of scientific tick every time. &# 128578;

Summary: stay in Taiwan is impossible. We have repeatedly met in the network of opinions that allegedly in Taiwan with food "very bad", "I cannot eat normally" and other similar sayings, and we can authoritatively declare that it is an absolute lie, not true and vile insinuations. This is where it is impossible to eat normally, "so it is in the south and south-east of China.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

For Europeans, local food there is faithful death. &# 128578; Despite the fact that almost no one in the small cafes and eateries in Taiwan speak English, you can always find a common language with local and taste delicious dishes. Well, for those who do not know how to look for a common language, there is McDonalds and others, known worldwide networking. All the world and the most nice meal! &# 128578;

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