Food in Odessa: Top list of the best institutions of the city

For those who prefer to be glorifying more intricate, Odessa will be full of pleasant surprises. According to the results of the hedonistic five-day trip, I have formed a very subjective, but personally proven list of favorite places:

Cafe "Basil" (Deribasovskaya, 1; hawnna, 2; Lustdorf Dor., 162)
http: // bazilic.Com.UA /

This is a toy cafe – an ideal place for breakfast in the fresh air (they are served here until 12:00). Start a sunny morning among living flowers and multicolored tables, eat oatmeal, omelet or excellent cheesery, drink a cup of fresh carrot juice – and forward to study the surroundings. Everything is pretty budget, but incredibly tasty.

Restaurant "Maman" (Langeronovskaya, 18 – next to the opera house)

Tasty and generously, as if visiting the real Odessa Mom. In addition, ideal for those who are not able to wake up early for breakfast – here it will be served you at any time. But it is still recommended to look here for a more thorough meal. In the menu as a domestic food from childhood, such as cutlets and stuffed peppers and the saint of European cuisine. Spinach cream soup does not know equal.

Restaurant Tavernetta (Ekaterininskaya, 45)
http: // www.Tavernetta.UA /

A good network that is served simple, but very tasty homemade food – roasted pike perch with potatoes, okroshka and, actually, compote. The cozy interior mentally carries to the country – curtains, vintage dressers, banks with blanks on window sills, shabby wooden chairs. One of the institutions (Panteleimonovskaya, 20) is located next to the railway station, so you can go straight from the train.

Cafe "Gogol-Mogol" (Nekrasova, 24)

It is a little bit away from the center, so it is usually quiet here and a little. Great place to minimize in the middle of the day. Pretty large selection of everything, but desserts – especially strudeli – worthy of separate attention.

Cheapest place but it’s worth it. Eveteable hall with bookshelves under the ceiling and the atmosphere of an old-sink apartment, the most for a solemn-farewell dinner. Located in the very center of the city – in the city garden, so it can be a good finality of the evening walk on your favorite streets of Odessa.

Art Club "Exit" (Bunina, 24)
The legendary place I could not find so much despite numerous attempts, the availability of a map and knowledge of the exact address. But others found, so it is exactly. They say, there is strange, bohemogne and organize film images, concerts and exhibitions. Try good luck – you may be lucky.

Food in Odessa Top list of the best institutions of the city

What else can you visit in Odessa, if you can no longer have, but still determined:

Vintage authentic streets – Marazlieva, Malaya Arnautskaya, Myasoedovskaya. In the daytime, it is also recommended to go to the Moldova – this is one of the oldest and labor Odessa places. True, it is worth keeping in mind that this is not at all tourist places, but rather harsh bedrooms with all the resulting.

Those very Odessa courtyards, Where on the ropes dries underwear and dormant in the sun lazy cats. You can find such a courtyard by turning into any gentleman. Some are lattice on some, but the wickets are almost never locked in them.

Odessa Opera House. It is believed that he is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Surely, inside there, too, there is something to see, so if there are tickets, one evening can be devoted to high art.

"Tea Theater" (Quarantine, 21/1) – a very small theater located indoors of the former tea factory. Pretty amateur, but very cozy. The performances go almost every day, tickets cost a little more than 100 rubles. After presentation, artists may well call you drink with them.

Sister’s Dress Gallery Shop (Langeronovskaya, 9). Shop dresses from young Ukrainian designers – a chance to take care of a good souvenir for memory, especially since prices are more than reasonable. Friendly and overwhelming sellers, having heard your unless accent, immediately ask about the impressions of the city and tell where it is still worth going.

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