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In this review, we will not disassemble the features of the various cuisines of the peoples of the world, but let’s say that the Arabic kitchen and Indian and Portuguese and even English mixed in Kenya. So, if you see for breakfast oatmeal))), then do not be surprised, the food in Kenya is very diverse. Kenya, as I said earlier, a highly developed country and much that they now have, it remains from Portuguese and English, Arabs and Hindus.

Kenyan food, she is very similar to our .. This is an abundance of different types of meat, fish and seafood. For example: Traditional Kenyan dish "Mbuzy", Which is preparing on open fire, on the mangale.

In general, all the Kenyans fry or cook, it does not have equal to taste and aroma.

By the way, the price tag for food is very democratic . The huge plate of Mbuzy in a good restaurant, costs about 800 KES ($ 8), how to say it, remember the cartoon, where the wolf leaves the table with the words – "right now SPOY", That’s after the plates of Mbuzy, you feel also. And if you are attempting in the usual, local restaurant on the street, then it costs 280kes (2.8 dollars)

No less tasty, traditional Kenyan squeezing "Chapati", yes yes this dish came to them from india.

What about drinking ? – you ask.

In Kenya, as in many other countries, you can drink only bottled water ..or boiled.

Food in Kenya - Mombasostrov Lama, Kenya Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Mombasa Lama Island on

In some guidebooks, it is said that it is necessary to even wash it with bottled water, personally the author of this review, washed and cleaned the teeth with ordinary water from under the crane.

I especially want to note Masala tea is a delicious black tea with milk and with spices, the author preferred such tea before bedtime . (it’s very good to sleep after him).

Special place must be left for seafood . Their great many, several types of lobsters, crabs, possible shells, mussels.

Kenyans love to prepare seafood with an Italian accent, such as Lobster in a creamy sauce, especially if you eat it on the shore of the Indian Ocean, near Jambo Ruins.

Food in Kenya - Mombasostrov Lama, Kenya Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Mombasa Lama Island on

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