Food in Hong Kong or 13 dishes that need to try in Hong Kong

We always have a little jealous to food bloggers who travel around the world and try every country to taste, but not just try, but still very appetizing about it write about it. Each country has its own national dishes, which are worth trying: in Greece – this is a mandatory Greek salad and Musaka, in Uzbekistan – Plov, in Japan – Sushi. And what to try in Hong Kong? Hong Kong – this is not entirely China and not at all at all Britain, but here the traditions of both countries were bizarried here and formed their amazing and nothing to taste. We decided to tell about the 13th Hong Kong dishes, which are worth trying tourists, of course, if they are ready to experiment. So today’s delicious article about food in Hong Kong.

We decided to start with reviews of dishes that you need to try in Hong Kong, and only then we will tell you where we usually eat during our trips to the city of skyscrapers.

Pork Cha Shao (Cha Siu or Char-Siw)

Pork in Ca Shao sauce has long been one of the national Hong Kong dishes, which can be tried both in cheap street cafes and in expensive restaurants. Shao Pork Shao is a gentle pork fillet, roasted with honey and spices. As a rule, it is served finely sliced ​​pieces with rice and vegetables.

Pork Cha Shao © Latur

Moon Cake or Yuebin)

If Pork Chao – National Eating Hong Kong, then Moon Cake – National Dessert of Hong Kong. In general, Yuebe is considered to be a Chinese dessert, which is traditionally eaten during the middle of the autumn holiday, they are given to friends and colleagues, they treat in Hong Kong stores. As a rule, the lunar gingerbreads are round or square, they are made of sandy or puff pastry, but the fillings are different. The traditional filling consists of egg yolk and pasta from the lotus seeds, but there are other options, such as chocolate or fruit. When cutting the lunar gingerbread, egg yolk resembles the moon. It is believed that the most delicious Moon Cake can be tried in Hong Kong only in the middle of autumn holiday.

Moon Cake © Runée SUN 孫詩敏

Steamed Whole Fish)

Fish for a couple – one of the most simple dishes in Hong Kong and served in all fish restaurants of the city. The recipe is simple – fish are prepared for a couple with soy and peanut butter, always add green onions and garlic. It seems to be nothing complicated, but tasty incredible! As a rule, in Hong Kong restaurants, the fish is always fresh, large restaurants even keep special tanks so that the fish before cooking was alive.

Fish steamed with vegetables © Latur

Hainan Chicken with Rice (Hainan Chicken)

Hynanski chicken enters the menu most street cafes that offer ready-made lunches. Hong Kongs call her comfortable meal for every day. As a rule, these are stewed pieces of chicken in cold or hot, which dip in a special sauce of fragrant oil, onion (or garlic) and ginger, and eat with rice. In most cafes complete to chicken there is a saturated chicken broth with cabbage.

Traditional business lunch with chicken in Hainan

Breast beef soup (Brisket of Beef Noodle)

Another traditional food of Hong Kong is soup with beef breast. This dish is so popular in Hong Kong that there is a cafe that do not serve anything else, except the famous Beef Brisket Noodle. The secret of this dish in broth, which is preparing at least 8 hours. Each restaurant has its own unique broth, because the chefs are jealously guarded their recipes, where the main ingredient is a bouquet of spices.

Soup with beef breast © GoMeMeDinhk

Such soup love both adults and children

Water spinach with oyster sauce (Water Spinach)

Water spinach with oyster sauce – very unusual for European person dish, but for Hong Kongs it is almost traditionally. Water spinach or academic mortuary water roasted with various spices and garlic and served with oyster sauce. What is surprising, quite a long time in China, this plant was the cheapest food for pigs, but the wonders of the cooks made one of the most popular dishes in many countries of Southeast Asia.

Water spinach not only looks beautiful, but also very tasty

Wontons (Wontons)

Windon – small dumplings or dumplings, which are usually served in the broth with noodles. In the classic version of Noodle Vontonte is done with shrimps and pork, but only meat freetones are. The dish is very fragrant and tasty, and still very satisfying. Such a soup eaten at lunch will give you strength for long walks in the city. By the way, sometimes witnesses are served fried, especially many of them in markets with street food.

Noodle Vontonton © wikiMeDi

Egg cakes (Egg Tarts)

Another popular Hong Kong dessert that is sold literally on every corner. Not all tourists understand it from the first time, but when they try, they can no longer come off. Despite their small sizes, egg tartlets are very satisfying. The most delicious egg cakes are fresh, and better warm, while they are equally good as in the supermarket 7/11 and in the pathoral expensive cafe.

Egg Cupcakes © withloe Alloshuku

Hong Kong Wafers (Gai Daan Jai)

Since they spoke about the sweet food of Hong Kong, it is impossible not to tell about famous waffles. These waffles are made of eggs (yes, in Hong Kong very much like eggs in desserts add!), their crazy sweet smell is felt in a few tens of meters and pass by almost impossible. It is very important to remember that the most delicious waffles are those that they prepared with you and just got out of the waffle. Personally, we love the classic egg Hong Kong waffles with green tea, but there are others – chocolate, strawberry and other. Here we accidentally stumbled upon the information that Hong Kong waffles began to sell in Moscow, but until I do not get to them to try and compare with authentic.

Hong Kong Wafers – Stunning Dessert © SHAMINE

Fish balls (Fish Balls)

Fish balls are included in the most popular street food in Hong Kong. Despite the fact that often places where they are selling, they look not very presentable, you can safely try them straight from street trays. The fact is that in Hong Kong, all vendors of street food have licenses and they are constantly inspected, and with the slightest violations or suspicion of antisanitia instantly closed. How it is not difficult to guess, the balls themselves are made of fish, they can feed them in a soup with chicken broth or fried "on a stick". On secret data, the most delicious fish balls can be tried on Night Market Temple Street.

According to some data, several million fish balls are eaten daily in Hong Kong © Wistepig

Milk Tea (Hong Kong Milk TEA)

Perhaps the most traditional Hong Kong drink – milk tea. The taste is quite unusual, and to evaluate it, time will need. Personally, we tasted it only with the third time, and so much that now during Holidays in Hong Kong Every day it is consumed. The Chinese always drank tea without sugar, milk, and other specific additives, but when the British came to the island of Hong Kong, they brought their traditions and "their" tea, as a result, it turned out a new drink – tea with Milk "Hong Kong" or "Hong Kong STYLE MILK TEA ».

Everyone knows that the British add a few drops of milk to tea (sometimes instead of sugar can add whiskey), but Hong Kongs creatively reworked the idea of ​​tea with milk and generously pour a portion of thick and concentrated milk, and the tea itself is not just poured boiling water, and cook (like, For example, Masala tea in Nepal).

Milk tea in Hong Kong © YungsteR

Pineapple Bun (Pineapple Bun)

These amazing buns, despite their name, do not contain pineapple at least in the traditional recipe. They received their name for the appearance – after all, the top of the buns looks like a pineapple peel. The bun consists of two parts: the top is similar to cookies and significantly harder her lower brother, which is a traditional Chinese bread. Sometimes between them put a piece of oil. In some restaurants, traditional pineapple buns are made with a filling that can be both pork and sweet.

Pineapple buns in Hong Kong © GERGO&KATA

Food in Hong Kong. Where to eat in Hong Kong and what dishes try.

Dim Sum (Dim Sum)

A story about food in Hong Kong will be not full without one of the most popular Hong Kong dishes – Dim Samov. Food bloggers from all over the world make up the ratings of Hong Kong restaurants, which serves dim-samas. By the way, it is in Hong Kong that is one of the cheapest restaurants noted by the star Michelin, and it is served in it that these are these Hong Kong dumplings.

Stuffing in Dim Sum is the most different, it can be shrimp, meat, sometimes fruits or vegetables. The most important thing is the dough, it is thin and almost transparent. Prepare these unusual dumplings for a couple, and serve in wicker baskets. Distinguish many different species Dim Samov. For example, Shao May – a typical Cantonese dish with chopped pork, shrimp and mushrooms Schitaka and spices. In general, if you are in Hong Kong – be sure to pay attention to this dish.

Dim Same in Hong Kong © Reias And Sillens

Our experience or where to eat in Hong Kong

You can often hear up to Hong Kong that there is nothing there is, so the people eat exclusively in McDonalds (by the way, it is very different from our and there is a good breakfast;)) or expensive European cafes. We do not treat the number of gourmets, so the Career of Food Bloggers does not shine. While traveling, we often do not have time to eat normally, everything is simple – it’s easy to spend precious time, so we have a tight breakfast and deliciously dinner, and in the afternoon they eat "snacks". Of course, after the birth of a child, this situation has changed a bit, but only in the sense that we have a certain traditional lunch that we buy and take a removal to eat in the park. In Hong Kong, this is pretty simple – noodles soup and dim-samas are almost in any cafe, and our child will sell the motherland for pasta, soup and dumplings.

Waiting for the order in one of the local cafes

We dine in Hong Kong both in Chinese cafes and in European, and sometimes even in Turkish. If dinner caught us on the road, then it can be a fast food from street cafes.

Our traditional dinner in Hong Kong

Dinner in Hong Kong Istanbul Express

If the day was heavy and go somewhere in the evening laziness, then we go to the store or to the market and buy food with you. And here everything is pretty traditional: Fish balls, all sorts of sausages, sausages and seafood, sometimes sushi. A child with pleasure consumes yogurts, local pastries and noodles in all its kinds.

Sushi plucked for dinner))

Typical street food in Hong Kong

We are well aware that this is not always the most useful food, and, probably, not quite correctly feed the child, but believe me, Hong Kong noodles and fish balls are a hundred times more useful than we offer to feed their children advertising from a TV. &# 128578;

Food in Hong Kong

Food in Hong Kong delicious and diverse, especially if you are ready to try something new. And let you do not embarrass street trays with meals, behind them strict control and food there is completely safe.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

If you want Hong Kong food, but still you are not ready for street fast food, then try network cafes, such as Tsui Wah Restaurant, they work in Hong Kong for almost half a century (since 1967) and offer an excellent choice of local dishes at normal prices. Pleasant appetite in Hong Kong!

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Thanks for a brief excursion!
Recently returned from the GC, apparently for the first visits we have poorly prepared and the search for food every time caused problems. Noodles of course filed, baking in stores disgusting and more like a foam rubber as in the structure "Taste".
I liked the balls with a squid, milk cocktails with fresh fruit

Food in Hong Kong. Where to eat in Hong Kong and what dishes try.

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