Food in Dominican Republic: what is fed in hotels and caribbean cuisine

In the hotels of Dominicans, they are mainly offered a conventional food that will not be for you somehow surprise. But on the Caribbean Islands there is its own unique kitchen, some of which is Dominican cuisine.

Caribbean cuisine formed as a mixture of Spanish, Indian and African cuisines. The first colonialists of America, the Spaniards, could not find here the usual ingredients, they adopted the culinary methods at the local Indians-Taino (Aravakov), in the 16th century began to bring slaves from Africa, which contributed to Caribbean cuisine.

Ingredients familiar to us came from Spanish cuisine in Caribbean cuisine: pork, chicken, beef and eggs.

Sweet ingredients, such as bananas or mango, came from Kitchen Indians-Taino. And of course, Caribbean cuisine has adopted knowledge about spices from Indians who can be found in this region. It is thanks to some spices, food in Dominican may seem to tourists unusual.

Some sauces and ingredients are borrowed from African cuisine.

The most colorful Dominican dish can be considered La Bender (La Bandera), The names of this dish translates as "flag".

Indeed, more sighted a little bit like the flag of Spain, yellow and orange colors in this dish prevail.

The dish is very simple, it consists of red beans, rice and meat. Of all the food in Dominican, this dish is considered the most familiar, Dominicans eat it for dinner.

It can be considered unusual due to the fact that it stands out of two garnings, instead of one, as is customary with us.

Caribbean dishes The most famous is soup Sancocho (Sancocho). A very unusual dish, which can be reminded from Satzivi (now we are talking about SanCojo with chicken, if it is thick enough), but this impression is deceptive.

Soup consists of meat or fish, this main ingredient can be chicken or pork if you try SanCojo in Dominican Republic.

In other countries from Caribbean cuisine there may be turkey, fish or beef.

Another important ingredient SanCoCo is corn, which is added in the form of a sliced ​​sliced ​​in 3-5 cm. This ingredient distinguishes this dish visually, you will not confuse it with another meal in Dominican Republic.

In SanCoCo, there are a lot of ingredients, it is usually prepared on the principle of "what is in the refrigerator, then we put in the soup". This SanCoCo must contain pork sausage, fat, lime, garlic, cassava (this is a root of Africa), yam (this is a vegetable from Africa).

The festive option SanCochio is SanCojo from seven types of meat (Seven Meat Sancocho). It is often served in hotels in Dominican Republic, it is the most expensive and tasty.

We highly recommend tryten SanCojo, because of the whole food in Dominican, he is the most national dish. We do not guarantee what he will like it, but try.

The next dish that is worth trying is MOFONGO (MOFONGO). For Dominican Republic, it is not national, rather this is a caribbean dish, originally from the neighboring Island Puerto Rico.

Moofego is considered an African dish. It consists of leaves that form layers, there may be different ingredients in the layers. Often it is a fried banana puree, bacon or other meat.

Food in Dominican Republic than feeding in hotels and caribbean cuisine

Often, the idea of ​​the "layers" is not used in the MoFongo and it is simply a banana puree, mixed with meat and vegetables. But the dish must be baked, otherwise it is no longer a maphond.

Maefo is easier to name banana casserole.

The appearance of the mafono seems unusual to most of our tourists, but we assure that the taste is much better. If you see this dish at lunch or dinner at the hotel, be sure to try. Find out it easy, outwardly it is different from other food in Dominican, it is very similar to the pyramid that children do in sandboxes.

As you noticed, the use of bananas is very popular in Caribbean cuisine. The next dish, which many countries of Latin America consider national, are Tostones (Tostones) or the second name Patacons (patacones).

This dish is fried banana pieces that are fried in oil, you can say banana-fries. For all dishes in Dominican, green non-mature bananas are used. Mature bananas are used in dessert dishes.

For the preparation of this dish, not a fryer, but a frying pan with a small layer of oil.

Many call them banana chips, but it is not quite true. Chips are very thin, and TOSTONS should be at least one centimeter thick. And the depth of the roasters from Tososton should not be complete. The inner part must be soft.

We hope that the Caribbean cuisine will like it. But if you do not like it, do not worry, in the hotels of Dominicans, which are almost all "All-inclusive", prepare the usual dishes for Europeans, you will not be hungry.

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