Food in Cambodia

Rice, fish and vegetables – make up the basis of Khmer cuisine. A special place is also occupied by the French baguettes who arrived in Cambodia since the times of French colonization. Curry in Cambodia is also popular as in other Asian countries, although the traditional Cambodian curry is less acute than, let’s say, in Thailand. Cambodians also love sour – sweet sauces, which, as well as curry make up the basis of many dishes of Cambodian cuisine.

What be sure to try in Cambodia

For breakfast Cambodian eating soup. The traditional soup with rice noodles and vegetables, in our opinion, should be the first in the list "What be sure to try in Cambodia".

Amok &# 8212; Fish curry

Be sure to try the traditional Cambodian dish Fish Amok (Amok Fish) – fish in coconut curry, which is prepared in a banana sheet.

Amok &# 8212; Fish curry. Photo Credit: Gino Mempin, Flickr

Khmer barbecue

Ordering your set for Khmer barbecue (different types of meat and fish to choose &# 8212; from ordinary views to exotic), you get raw meat, seasoning sauces, noodles-vegetables and a burner with a big ass, on which, in fact, and prepare your barbecue &# 128521;

Khmer barbecue. Photo Credit: Andrew (Tengugo), Flickr

Zhabia Napkov

Local Delicates (French Heritage), which is sure to try. Believe me, the taste of this dish will pleasantly surprise you &# 128521;

Zhabia Napkov. Photo Credit: Daniel (Danpea), Flickr

Seafood grill

Freed seafood on the grill &# 8212; Tasty and very atmospheric, mandatory part of the program!

Seafood grill. Photo Credit: -ys- (Sayangshandy), Flickr

Food in Cambodia

Seafood (Cambodia). Photo Credit:

Fruits and sweets

And do not miss traditional sweets and fruits, which in Cambodia a huge amount!

Fruits and sweets. Photo Credit: Maapu (Sayangshandy), Flickr

Water and Drinks in Cambodia

Do not drink tap water. Buying bottled water (especially on the street), check the integrity of the lid.

Cambodia, like any country of Southeast Asia, will delight you with a variety of fresh juices and juice cocktails. Do not be afraid to order Freasha, just ask not to dilute your Fresh with water.

Most of Cambodia bars and restaurants use ice from purified water, which comes with Cambodia water purification plants. As a rule, recognize the factory ice can be on a hole in the center of the ice cube. In any case, if you are not sure where the ice come from, just ask.

Food in Cambodia

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