Food delivery on Phuket from restaurants and cafes

Recent years, a large pace in Phuket is developing a food delivery system from restaurants and cafes. To try delicious Soup Toms or noodles pad Tai, now you can not even go out of the hotel. If it rains, you do not have a motorbike or car, you are doing a lot of trouble or just don’t want to leave the house, it’s enough to go to the site, in the app or call the phone. And in half an hour and hour a delicious lunch or dinner will come to you. And if you want to cook everything yourself, read the article about the order and delivery from supermarkets.

Foodpanda | Weserve | Foodioo

Phukets were waiting for a long time until centralized delivery services appear on the island. In Bangkok, such a service has been many years. While 3 delivery service works on Phuket. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages.


My favorite for food delivery on Phuket. This service is convenient to enjoy on the site and in the application. As the brand Foodpanda is international, for convenience and usability monitor, although mistakes sometimes come out. Food Panda has comfortable filters to search for the desired cafe or restaurant. Want Stremphogh right from Makashnitsa? Please, here’s a mouth for 20 baht, skewers on a skewer or packaging of sticky rice for 10 baht. Gourmet dishes from the restaurants of molecular kitchen in delivery is not, but it is quite realistic to order a lunch from the places of Wine Connection, Zen, Hooters, The Coffee Club with Chek 300-600 BAT per person. Filter Restaurants are possible not only in price, but also in the kitchen, free shipping and special offers.

Some restaurants have free, others take 30-50 baht. If you order from different places, the delivery must be made to each institution separately. On the restaurant page you will find a menu with prices. At the top point where and when to deliver: either now (ASAP – as soon as possible), or on another day or time. For example, you can book lunch today for tomorrow. In the restaurant check, approximate delivery time (45 minutes), order list and final price. It depends on the policies of the restaurant, whether they add taxes of 7% VAT and 10% for the service. Processing Fee is the cost of delivery. You can pay for the order in cash when shipping, online card or PayPal service.

Food Panda works fast and efficiently. They have already established themselves in Bangkok, on Phuket everything goes like oil. Of the minuses, as with any delivery, it is not visible to the full composition of the dish, and this is not prescribed in the menu. For example, Spring rolls will be with vegetables or chicken? Is there a peanuts in the specified dish, fresh onions or garlic? In general, such nuances that have to clarify the waiter or cook. Special requests about allergies or intolerance to products Write in the Special Instructions column by clicking on the dish itself. And you always have the opportunity to read feedback about restaurants or leave your opinion.

Site Fudance –, Sign up in the application at the invitation link and receive a 100-bah discount on the first order.


Food delivery service from restaurants and cafes began with Phuket. They now have franchises in other provinces: Trang, Songkla, Surathathani, Connect and Chiang May. Applications have a service, but I order through the site It’s easier to understand the menu of restaurants. The company is local, designed more on the inhabitants of the island, so there is a lot of cafes with Phuket cuisine in the list, including the places awarded by Michelin.

Site convenient, visual and translated into English and Chinese. To create an order first register, then choose a restaurant on the recommendations, location or kitchen type. On the list of delicious seats, even there is our cuisine from Spice House, Macaw and Olivier Cafe. For convenience, Phuket is divided into territorial zones. Delivery Fee Service (Delivery Fee) starts from 60 baht. May Khao – While the only area where delivery does not do. It is very convenient that you can order food from two or even three restaurants in one area, surcharge by 40 baht. Most of the places are located in Phuket Town and in the Chalong area.

Drawing up an order, prescribe a full address, put a point on the map and add additional parts if you need. To confirm you, a service officer will call and will speak good English. Pay an order can be map online or cash upon delivery.

Of the minuses it is worth noting the lack of a comprehensive approach to site and marketing for English-speaking users. Some information only in Thai – promotions, separate positions in the restaurant menu, privacy policy. Facebook, where promotional-codes with discounts are constantly postponed, only in Thai. In the menu of the site, this Asian chaos, as a floating market in Bangkok: flawed and improper links, errors in words, different register and language. It can be seen that the site verstaly Thais with the Sanuk-Sabay and Ababa approach as. The idea of ​​the service is good, but the execution is lame. If you go to the site from the mobile, to switch the language you need to go to the menu on the right, flush down, click on the Thai checkbox and select English.


New food delivery service from restaurants and a cafe with a convenient way Foodioo.Com and the application opened in 2018 and is already confidently gaining momentum, connecting more and more delicious places. Fudio is an order of magnitude better than hollow, but before the panda food is far.

Food delivery on Phuket - order from restaurants and cafes, descriptions, sites, application guide in Phuket

The service is focused on restaurants in tourist areas, there are almost no family cafes on the list of places. On the pages from the menu, you can find out not only about dishes, but also hours of work space, its location and read reviews. Each restaurant independently sets the sum of the minimum order from 250 baht and above. Depending on the policy of the place to the specified price, taxes and service are added, but there are no restrictions on the area, delivered to any corner of Phuket. Shipping cost starts from 40 baht.

First you specify on the map your location, choose a restaurant and make an order. List of places Filtered by distance, alphabet, rating and minimum order amount. It is possible to search for locations by name and sorting in the kitchen. It is very convenient that individual preferences can be prescribed to each dish and add something extra, for example, ingredients in pizza filling, specify the size of the portion. Delivery is made only on the order of the order, pre-ordered the next day can be made only from the application, in order by selecting the PREORDER function. Payment for only cash to the courier.

By minuses include the presence of a minimum amount of the order and a limited number of restaurants. In general, the impression of good service. I think in the future Fudio has every chance to catch up with Food Panda.

Food delivery from Phuket restaurants

Many restaurants deliver food to nearby areas. Network of restaurants Lucky 13 Sandwich accept orders around the clock through the site Lucky13sandwich.Com and free delivers almost all over the island for 30-40 minutes. Oishi Restaurants offer Japanese dishes and make delivery for 40 baht through the site OishIdelivery.Com or by phone 1773 in working hours. Through the site Mkrestaurant.Com Or by calling 1842 you can order Chinese and Thai cuisine from the MK restaurant.

Just in case I will remind phones of fast food restaurants, where you can make a food order. Only McDonalds works around the clock, but brings only to nearby areas. As a rule, the minimum order amount is not, and the delivery costs from 30 baht.

  • KFC – phone 1150
  • Burger King – Phone 1112
  • McDonald’s – Phone 1711
  • S&P – Phone 1344
  • Pizza Company – Phone 1112
  • Pizza Hut – Phone 1150
  • Chester’s grill – phone 1145

In different areas of Phuket, there are separate cafes and restaurants offering delivery around the area. Usually they have leaflets from the menu. Delivery may be free or for an additional 40-50 baht. And one more option for ordering food – Grab application. Its main specialization in a taxi and ordering machines with a driver. Separate item, you can choose Grab Food. I myself did not use their services, I still have enough applications Foodpanda.

Food delivery on Phuket - order from restaurants and cafes, descriptions, sites, application guide in Phuket

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