Food can be sent by mail Germany

In Germany, there are already a number of proposals for online food delivery, but this is not really in real. Most buyers want to see the freshness of the goods, touch his hands, insists on immediate delivery. For approximate estimates, in Germany, about 0.2% of all foods, whereas in the UK, this percentage fluctuates from three to five. German Mail DHL plans to enter this market.

"Delivery of food products is a kind of logistics for private users," says Andrei Bush, responsible for German contracts with a former monopolist. – We are just trying to climb this mountain, "he said, telling that the company is going to deliver food products in the Rour region.

The problem is that foods must fall to the consumer cheap, cooled and fresh. Mail decided to add watches to its suppliers.

Customers will be able to choose two delivery times after the end of the working day: between 18 and 20 hours, or between 20 and 22 hours. Products, by mail, will be delivered on the day of order. Since May, the pilot project has been launched in Cologne. Every day now "several dozen orders".

Food can be sent by mail Germany

The project decided to spread to the Ruhr region. Ten additional suppliers. There is a possibility that the service from autumn will be launched in Berlin, and next year in other areas of Germany. Until 2015, the service is planned to be provided in all major cities, however, outside the city costs are too large.

Target audience – young families and elderly customers who themselves do not want or can not wear home products, says Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Food can be sent by mail Germany

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