Food and Drinks Switzerland

Get acquainted with a variety of cuisine and noble wines of Switzerland. The country is clearly divided into four regions, in each – its language and its own culture, and each region perfectly combines ancient gastronomic tradition with the best modern culinary art. Traveling around the country, you will taste the cheese fritters Malacoff in the canton of in, corn bread and perch from the Lake Bodhen in the canton of St. Gallen. The shaft is famous for raclette, molten mountain cheese, served with hot young potatoes and pickled cucumbers, graubyunden – it is a cabbage, gentle dumplings wrapped in the leaves of Swiss Mangold, Zurich is a veal in Zurichsky, a chopped veal, tommy in cream with mushrooms, Ticino – These are ferocked sausages from Lugano and stunning risotto.

450 grades of cheese, each of which is unique. The main ingredient for any variety of cheese throughout Switzerland is a fresh Swiss milk of happy cows grazing on green meadows. In this case, the variety of the final product can not not be surprised. For example, the world famous Emmentaler (Emmentaler AOC); Piquant Appenzelller (Appenzeller®); Smooth and soft embello Mont d’Or AOC); acute sbrinz AOC; Aromatic Gruyer (Le Gruy&# 232; RE AOC); Tet de Mua (T&# 234; Te de Moine AOC), which, with proper cutting, turns into roses, plus about 450 original varieties of Swiss cheeses that do not confuse with any other. Of course, in the country with such rich cheese "Heritage" There is a huge number of culinary recipes using cheeses, from cheese fritters Malacoff to fried pieces of cheese and cheese pies, from Rakletta to the famous fondue. After all, in Switzerland, cheese is not just cheese, it is a lively layer of popular and gastronomic culture.

Lovers and experts of cheese, as well as those who only get acquainted with this product must necessarily visit the farmers or fair (such pass in all cities of the country at least once a week) to see their own eyes with cheese rows with huge cheese heads, many of which were produced on high mountain chief in summer in old recipes. And farmers will definitely let you try your cheeses.

Amazing variety, special range. More than 50 grape varieties are grown in Switzerland, and local wines are forced by the hearts of connoisseurs fight stronger. In Canton, the shaft is worth come at least to try white Petite Arvine and AMIGNEHE, red Humagne Rouge and Cornalin. The shores of the Lake Geneva will introduce you to the Rare Red Wine Petit Robert; And on the Zurich Lake, the White R&# 228; USCHLING. In the canton of Graubyundden, along with excellent Pinot Noir, produce a century-old Completer. Almost everywhere you will meet the grapes of the Shasl and the wines produced from it very popularly from Ticino, and if you are lucky, you will try and new Swiss varieties, such as Garanoir and Diolinoir.

Food and Drinks Switzerland


Chocolate Paradise. Here, false modesty is absolutely not needed, and it is necessary to admit openly, Swiss chocolate – the best in the world. In every city Switzerland, there is a genius of chocolate business, and there are those who felt the whole country and guests from all over the world. Switzerland combines two of their passions, chocolate and railways, and turned out to be a Swiss chocolate train. Schedule in the original Pulman car of the 19th century from Montreux to Gruyer and Brock, enjoying idyllic pastorals outside the window, visit the cheese, castle, and then Cailler-Nestl chocolate factory&# 233;. From June to October. And in chocolate you can swim, chocolate wraps and baths are in the spa menu of many Swiss hotels.

Food and Drinks Switzerland

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