Food ancestors and modern diets

Under the fashionable word, dozens of nutrition types offered by nutitologists are hidden. The main idea of ​​the concept: "The food of the ancestors is the most healthy, be like ancestors". Few people think that the average gominids did not live longer than 30 years old, and if you recall the Australopitets, I did not reach 20. True, they did not have caries and other dental sores. But what is perodontosis or dental in comparison with the lasting life, which has grown since then three or four times? If you eat and live like them, then you don’t have to count on longevity.

Question in quantity: From the weekly soldering of the Eskimo, the Hindu easily develops atherosclerosis and refuses the pancreas, and Eskimo on Hindu diet risks falling in a hungry fainting

So, about diet. Extreme forms of them – vegetarians and meatseeds. Both the first and the second insist that only they eat homo sapiens. Now let’s tell you that they ate our ancestors in fact.


15-27 million years. Let’s start with the very first. They are called proconsuls – it is not even a kind, and the genus of primates, which is a common ancestor of Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutan and a person.

✪ To the decomposition of all Vegetarians, Prosonsula really fed on the benefit of fruits and leaves. But it was so long that we can talk about the diet of fish, first elected to the land, which raised the ancestors of dinosaurs, and then modern mammals.

❦ Proconsules lived in the forest, right on the trees, therefore they fed on the fact that at hand, that is, under the paws, – foliage and fruit.

Tips and roots

15-3.5 million years ago. Coldly. In the sense of the climate changed. The beginning of the cooling took place on the time of the last Prosonsulov, and was completely dry and cool it was already during the period when Australopitek’s descendants and the ancestors of people lived on the planet). Tropical forest area decreased, savannah – increased.

✪ roots, grass and cereals.

❦ Because of the disappearance of the forests, our expression has to be sled from trees and seeking food in the steppe. However, not immediately. For a long time, they still could not disappear from forest gifts. "For example, Ardipite, who lived 4.4 million years ago, lived in a transitional environment – half in the forest, half in Savannah, is something like a park," says the famous anthropologist and the popularizer of Science Stanislav Drobyshevsky in one of his interviews. – Ardipititis was eager for extremely vegetable, forest food ".

Classes of primitive people: collection of fruits, berries, roots and eggs

But the forest area continued to shrink, so the forefans had to get used to the savanna diet – by the advantage of grains and rhizomes. True, there are reservations here – different hominids were fed a little differently. Depending on the region. Somewhere they ate roots, somewhere – grass.

The climate forced the great-grandfather to get off the trees and pay attention to what was lying on the sinful land – these were all the same fruits, only those who had flirted. And here is the result: during this period, as scholars found out, alcohol digestion in the hominids pluggers at 40 times

Food ancestors and modern diets

In Paleolite to drink: F Another about 10 million years ago, our common ancestor with a gorilla and chimpanzee suddenly pays attention to something more interesting foliage and fresh fruits. Again, the notorious climate, who caused the great-grandfather to get off the trees and draw attention to what was lying on the sinful land – these were all the same fruits, only those who were overcoming. And here is the result: during this period, as scholars found out, alcohol digestion in the hominids pluggers at 40 times. Who knows, maybe these worried fruits and allowed them to survive in those harsh times? "This is already in millions of years, when our ancestors learned how to prepare drinks with a high alcohol content – this ability (absorb ethanol. – approx. Red.) We are auction, "says Anthropogenesis in one of his video.RU »Alexander Sokolov.

In general, they will not argue here – all this was the plant phase (although probably not completely). But it was not for long – only about 1 million years.

Ate meat peasants

3.5-2 million years ago. Our ancestors are moving to new quality – become people (before that they were Australopitheki and them like).

✪ Meat (including similar to himself), fruits and cereals.

❦ The emergence of a human kind – that is, Homo ("People") – about 2.4 million years ago coincides with the transition to a new type of food. Not in their will, but all because of the same weather and its whims. In Savannah, it becomes even colder and still land. Even cereals remain quite a bit, Many herbivores die off, and behind them predators. The same fate would wait for our ancestors if they did not rebuild from herbivores in predators.

"Certificate of such – bones with cuts and tools of labor that appear just at this time," says Stanislav Drobyshevsky. – That is, the emergence of our kind is in a broad sense to transition to omnivores. ".

Food ancestors and modern diets

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