Fong National Park – Kebang

In recent years, the PhonG Nha National Park (Phong NHA) is increasingly included in Vietnam travel routes. This is definitely one of their most beautiful places not only Vietnam, but also in the world. Lovers of outdoor activities and nature opens a lot of opportunities &# 8212; Research Caves, Tracking, Body Tours, Motobayk-Ryad, Walking along the River and TD and TP. In addition, traveling to caves &# 8212; Almost in itself the adventure, roads and landscapes of the park are incredibly beautiful, on the way to the caves you can turn to spring and waterfalls.

Fong National Park, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Sylveol (130671054 @ N06), Flickr

Fong National Park &# 8212; Kebang is considered one of the largest karst regions of the world. The age of karst formations Fongi is estimated at 400 million. years that in itself already attaches incredible mysticism to this place. There are about 300 amazing karst caves in the park, some of which are easily accessible and open to visit. By the way, for visits, the National Park opened quite recently (since 2010), many of the Park caves studied remain closed either have restrictions on the access of visitors, research is still underway in some caves.

The main base for the study of the caves is the village of Fong, located on the bank of the Son River. From here the boats are sent to the most popular caves, tracks and expeditions start.

Plan to hold in the phonong minimum two full days.


Destinations for travel. For what, where and when to go. Vehicles and accommodation, ready routes and TP.

Easily accessible caves

If in the National Park of the Fong Day just a couple of days and are not going to spend time and money for epic expeditions, then the information below will definitely please. One day can be spent by examining the caves that can be reached by the river. And on the second day, take a motorbike and independently explore the surroundings and caves, or choose some interesting day tour on the spot.

Caves Fong and Yeenson

Fong NHA Caves and Tien Son Caves are located in one grief. Fongngia &# 8212; At the foot of the mountain, inspecting on a boat from the water, the boat enters the cave on the underground river, turns off the motor and on the oars goes deep into the cave of 1.5-3 km, depending on the selected route. Oteenson &# 8212; Located high on the mountain, the rise is laid along the mountainside, excellent species opens on the way. These two caves are the most visited caves of the National Park. Both caves are huge and beautiful to both can only be reached on the river (about 30 minutes from the village).

In principle, if you have only one day in the Fong, it is worth spending, examining these two caves. Do not buy tours. Boats for caves go from the main pier village of Fongnga. From the available options &# 8212; Kayaks, small pies and dragon boats more (different routes and prices, from $ 14 / for boat, relevant prices. Watch in place). The entrance to each of the caves is charged additionally (about 3-4 $). You can visit both caves for one trip (the whole trip will take from 3 to 7 hours, again, depending on routes and pace).

Fong National Park - Kebang

Cave paradise

The eloquerary name of the Paradise Cave Cave justifies itself completely. Majestic, air, bright, beautifully highlighted &# 8212; This cave is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. To get to it will have to overcome 500 steps up) The entrance to the cave is worth about $ 12, plus the parking lot Motobike and transport to the cave from the parking lot (all together about $ 5). Do not take a tour, you can easily reach the cave to the motorbike, it is better early in the morning to enjoy the amazing atmosphere in silence and rest. The length of the cave is about 30 kilometers, for the general public, a section of the length of the 1st kilometer is open, where you can walk on your own. To deepen in the cave, you need to take the conductor (adventure tours are sold everywhere in the phona). In the cave paradise you can go with the conductor about 3.5 &# 8212; 4 km, see incredible areas with sunlight and swim in the underground river (this pleasure will cost $ 100 and higher).

Dark cave

Hang Ti Cave is known as a dark cave (Dark Cave). It is located 6 km from the cave paradise (these two caves can be visited in one day). Commitable to visiting for lovers of extreme and adventure, is contraindicated by the suffering claustrophobia. First, it is possible to get to the cave from the main movement only by 400-meter Zip-Lina. Inside the cave is completely dark (light only from lanterns on visitors helmets), narrow and complete mud, with a climax bathing in a natural mud bath. The cave goes to the underground lake, where you can swim and wash away from dirt. From there, the shredded travelers bring back on Kayak. Regular tours with a guide from the central entering about $ 20. Alternative &# 8212; Take a tour from the village along the river, in this case the flights on the zip are passed, the program is a little different, the price is slightly higher.

Spring trail nuoo flour

Spring trail Nuoc Muk (Nuoc Mooc Spring Eco Trail) &# 8212; The pedestrian route laid along the picturesque river, especially beautiful after the watches underground). Along the trail there are several places where you can swim and arrange a picnic.

Fong National Park - Kebang

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