Fomsbana – from winter in summer

Part of the tourist route in Norway passes through the town of Flo.
And he is interested in what the fjord begins from here! The majestic and beautiful Aurlands fjord is one of the sleeves of Sogne Fjord, the longest fjord in Norway. And also – the Railway Flomsbana, here we are about it in more detail and talk.

Here, the ships and boats are departed from the berth. Rutting tourists on water expanses of Fjord. And literally 20 meters from the coast waiting for the train passengers to show all the same curious citizens of the river, cutting deep gorges, waterfalls, snow vertices and mountain farms scattered over the slopes.

So I decided to ride a train station to Murdal and back.

So: the railway from the Valley of Flom, located in Aurelas Fjord, rises 865 meters above sea level to the highlands station Murdal. A trip to one side takes about an hour. The road has a length of 20 km – almost 80% of the entire route has a slope of 55 thousandths, which corresponds to the rise in one meter for every 18 m – the world record! It passes through 20 tunnels, in one of which the train unfolds 180 degrees, and is one of Norway’s most popular and impressive sights. Do not even say that built in such conditions of the Norwegian landscape – this road is a real work of engineering art.

Fomsbana - from winter in summer

During the way, the train makes a stop at the majestic waterfall Kyosphossen. How I learned from the neighbors on the coupe – it is he who gives the railway electricity.

Meanwhile, the parking ended and we rise above and above..

An hour ago, the air temperature was + 20c, and now there is only snow around me, cold wind, frozen tourists and beloved sweatshirt! Well, the train station is only 10 minutes. Still a little bit in summer)

Fomsbana - from winter in summer

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