Following the warmth

Biker and blogger Alexander York came up with a universal way to escape from winter: he comes to a warm country, buys a bike and makes a single journey to summer. Last winter challenged in India, the next will spend on the Philippines. For three months, Alexander plans to drive 7800 km on a motorcycle and see 65 cities in 12 Philippine Islands. About their adventures and impressions York will report blogs and social networks. Many of his readers who opposed the previous project "12 colors", sponsors of the Philippine Tour "12 Islands" and collected even more necessary 100,000 rubles.

I make an advertisement on the freelanse, so sometimes I can earn money in the trip. But such projects as "12 colors" and "12 islands" require more funds. Therefore, I make a media project and find a partner company. I also tried to make a crowdfunding project through the Planeta service.RU, and in two weeks he collected the whole amount – 100,000 rubles. Money is spent anywhere in different ways, and even in a cheap country can be spent pretty. During the Motor Software in India, the money mainly went on gasoline, motorcycle repair, accommodation and food. Although the food at all cost a penny. Once I gave birth to a village for 13 rubles.

In India, I once misunderstood the route and did not have time to get to the city. I had to look at the night with local residents at night. Slept in a guesthouse consisting of one room in which there was no castle, and bed linen never changed. Toilet was 50 meters from the building in a field with sleeping buffaloes. It was an unforgettable night.

I would not want it to sound pathetic, but travel allowed me to open myself. It seems that I used to be a sign of myself and played constantly other things, and now I met my own "I".

If you want to make friends with the Indians, buy them all tea with milk. They will first refuse artly, but you will stand on your. Then in their eyes you will turn out of a stupid white tourist, which you can breed for money, in your Indian brother, which in the subject.

India – World Heart. I believe that there must be all. This is a unique country that removes garbage from your brains.

Following the warmth

Nepal – Himalayas that amazing imagination. I didn’t even imagine that the mountains are so delightful!

Cambodia – Very kind, interesting and mysterious country.

Vietnam – the most delicious food and beautiful nature.

Thailand is obligatory for understanding Asia. It is recommended to move on different islands. Strictly not recommended to travel to Pattaya.

Following the warmth

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