Following the sun. The best dawns and sunsets

What do you think, dear my readers, what are the sunsets and dawns?

Undoubtedly, these times of the day deserve that we cut off from the turn of the affairs and went to walk on the dream coming. Also many people love to wake up with the first rays of the Sun to admire the birth of a new day. Or Night Walks: The best completion of them – with the first rays of dawn, luxurious impressions.

And how do you like such an idea so that for the sake of the game of Light, go somewhere thousands of kilometers? Yes, there is such a type of travel – ride at least to the edge of the earth only for the reason that somewhere there the sun is in a special way or comes.

There was already a post that a bunch of people come to Ibiza not only to the whole night sausage in clubs, but just in order to sit on the terrace of the famous cafe Del Mar and admire the sunset over the sea. And for them it is a weighty reason to visit Spain.

We continue where people are ready to go for this phenomenon. And it seems like the same shine with everyone above the head and the same sky, and the difference still has ..

This is a sunset over a small town Rovinj that in Croatia. Rays that slide on the walls of vintage houses – is it not worth it at least 5 minutes of attention?

So the new day of gorgeous life begins on the most bohemian beach in French Doving on the shore of La Mansha. These multicolored umbrellas – a kind of business card of a famous resort.

And this is Baikal in the winter at sunset. So frozen that not only people go on it, but even cars go.

Romantically tuned at the most better to go to the Adriatic Sea. There are wonderful ships under the eloquent sails in the evenings.

This sunset at an altitude of almost 9,000 meters. View from the basic camp on Everest.

Famous sunset on Bali Island in Indonesia.

Following the sun. The best dawns and sunsets

But no less chic sunset on Phi Phi Islands in Thailand.

Sunset in Olympic National Park in United States.

But no less beautiful sunset in one of the National Parks Zambia.

Dawn in the Nepalese village, which hid in the mountains at 2,500 meters.

I really like this photo in pink tones: so ends the day on the Dead Sea in Israel.

Somewhere on the Tibetan plateau. The higher above sea level, the closer to the sun.

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