Folk Festival Boi-Bumba

Folklore Festival BOI-BUMBA (Festival Folclorico de Parintins) takes place in the town of Paritis in the east of Amazonas State in Northeast Brazil. The plot of the theatrical holiday is the story of the murder and resurrection of the bull, at the same time the tragic and comic, showing the contrast between the fragility of man and the rough power of bulls. The main valid characteristics of the festival in Parintis are two bull, Boi Garantido (white-red) and boi caprichoso (blue). Each of them has a large army of supporters, dressed in the colors of their pet, and competing among themselves.

The main platform of the festival is a boamboodrome (Bumbodromo) or Paritis Cultural Center (Centro Cultural De Parintins). After the modernization of the structure, which ended in 2013, the boomme is able to accommodate 16.5 thousand at the same time. human. At the same time, a holiday, of course, is not limited to one place, filling yourself all the streets of the city.

Folklore Festival BOI-BUMBA

BOI-BUMBA – Variety of Holiday Bumba Meu BOI (Bumba Meu BOI) originated in the northeast of Brazil. As a "place of birth" of the holiday called Piaui (Piaui) and Pernambuka (Pernambuco), where at the turn of the 20th century, they moved from the state of Bahia the shepherds with numerous herds of cows in search of the best pastures. Currently, Bumba Meau Fight spread and celebrated in June-July in all of the North-East Brazil.

BOI-BUMBA Folklore Folclorico (Festival Folclorico de Parintins) – one of the brightest theatrical ideas in northeastern Brazil. Despite the fact that the population of the city is only about 100 thousand. Man, during the holiday of BOI-BUMBA, coming here thousands of tourists from different countries come here. The city itself is located on the right bank of Amazon, on Tupinambaran Island, 325 kilometers from the capital of Amazonas Manaus.

Folklore Festival BOI-BUMBA

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