Folklore carnival in Binche

From 2 to famous folk carnival will be held March 4 at the Belgian town of Binche (Binche), recognized as part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Local residents are preparing for it for several months and is recommended for tourists to plan a trip in advance: the carnival attracts thousands of spectators from around the world.

Carnival tradition dates back to the XIV century: as in many countries, it is confined to the "Fat Tuesday" before the start of the Catholic Lent. On the first day of tourists waiting for theatrical and musical performances, as well as parades and masquerade balls, in which you can participate. The second day is traditionally considered "young holiday" – urban youth leads dances and sings songs on the main square of Binche, satisfied with colorful fireworks and treats the audience oysters.

Folklore carnival in Binche

On the third day comes the climax of the carnival – the famous parade Zhiley. Thousands of clowns dressed in colorful suits with straw humps, wooden clogs and wax masks, after the city streets. During the parade Lived thrown into the audience oranges, symbolizing the beginning of spring. Catch orange is considered a happy omen.

Throughout the carnival tourists waiting for the daily beer tastings, dancing and partying.

Folklore carnival in Binche

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