Folk Village Yandony

Yandon Folklore Village – one of the most well-preserved Korean villages of the Coson period.

The history of this village begins the beginning of the early period of the Choson era. In the middle of the 15th century, a scientist Son Son from the Dynasty came to this valley and was so struck by the beauty of this place, which decided to build a house here in which all his clan lived. After his daughter married the son of the heir of Dynasty Lee, representatives of this dynasty also fell in love with this place and also moved to this picturesque valley. Soon between the houses there was a whole village from the homes of relatives and numerous servants in these mansions.

In the village of Yandon, historical cultural monuments are well preserved, demonstrating the unique structure of traditional buildings and household items of the Chosen era and representing architectural monuments of residential buildings, Confucian educational institutions and pavilions for training and recreation.

In total, there are about 160 houses with a tiled and straw roof, all of them are interconnected by beautiful and cozy trails and stone walls. Several buildings of this village are registered as monuments of National Culture: Muchhovedan, Handan, Quantgageon, and others.

The village stretches on the hillside and at his foot. At the same time, at the very top there were homes of noble people, and at the foot – the dwellings of commoners, mainly the indoor straw roof.

In those places from which a good view of the surrounding area opens, arbors and pavilions were built. As in the past times, venerable old men are going to the pavilions to spend time over conversations and traditional confusion entertainment for calligraphy and reading poems. So in Yandon you can see not only the old village architecture and natural beauty, but also the signs of the traditional lifestyle of people of the Dynasty of Lee.

Korean village thanks to numerous historical sights are widely popular among foreign tourists, one of which should be noted, was the Anglian Prince Charles, who visited the village in 1993.

On July 31, 2010, Yandon’s folklore village became the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tourist routes on the village of Yandon

Route number 1 (Khachon): Pavilion Allakchon – Pavilion Igyanchon – Confucian School Kanchatan – Pavilion Simsouhon (Tour times 20 min.)

Route № 2 (MorbonGol): Pavilion Muchhovedan – Traditional House Tesonhon – Mountain Top Multi – Hill Culton Toncean – Pavilion Yokvizhon – Solchonchon Pavilion (Tour time 1 hour)

Route number 3 (Sucholdan): Confucian School Konsen – Pavilion Yukvizhon – Hill Nagok Tonsan – Traditional House Sucholdan – Pavilion Yangcholchon (time excursions – 30 min.)

Route № 4 (NEGOK): House Kynamkothak – Pavilion Santchukhundon – Traditional House Sostodin – Country School Sobethane – Rustic School Svisonan – Pavilion Nagokchon (time excursions 1 hour)

Folk Village Yandony

Route number 5 (Tug): Traditional house Tug Kothek – Tomb Jondan – Pavilion Tonkhozhon (Time excursion – 30 min.)

Route number 6 (Hyundan): Traditional House Handan – Pavilion Quantgageon – Pavilion Suunzhjon (time excursions 1 hour)

Opening hours: 9:30 – 17:30

Local transport

Take a bus to Kongzhu at a long-distance bus terminal "Tonoxoule Bass Thmeinol" (the bus runs every 40-60min. (06: 05-23: 55), travel time is 4 hours)

Take a bus number 200 (201, 208) on a long-distance bus terminal of Kongzhu (the bus runs every 7 minutes, travel time – 40 min.)

Get off the bus at the Stop "Yandon Mayl" (walk 1-2 km in the direction of the village)

Folk Village Yandony

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