Folk Festival on Sentany Lake

Despite the huge number of attractions, Indonesia is considered a beach area for a massive rest. First of all, thanks to Bali Island and his wonderful coast. Of course, you can just relax on the beach, but it is not necessary to bypass and interesting places in the vicinity of the resort. To get acquainted with them will help the our-speaking guide on Bali, besides, he can advise what to look better and where to visit.

At the end of June it is worth visiting another province of Indonesia – Papua located in the east of the country. Here, on Lake Sentany, from June 19 to June 23 will be held a traditional festival dedicated to the culture of tribes living in Papua. Sentany Lake is located near the north coast of New Guinea, and near the capital of Papua – the city of Jayapura. In the festival near the picturesque lake, all areas of the provinces traditionally take part, and they are numbered 19.

Folk Festival on Sentany Lake

During the festival on the lake there are races on boats where men’s and women’s teams participate. And the most interesting point of the holiday will be a traditional dance "Heylo". It is performed by boat actors. Also at the festival will pass theatrical performances, dance shows, exhibitions. Guests will get acquainted with the traditions of Papuan cuisine and the life of numerous tribes Papua and their life. It is interesting to look at military dancing and rites of local tribes.

The festival passes on the shore of Lake Sentany, next to the village of Kalkote (Kalkote). Getting here is the easiest way to plane, using one of the internal flights of Indonesian airlines.

Folk Festival on Sentany Lake

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