Folk Cuba revealed "By private owners"

For many years, the Republic of Cuba existed separately from the rest of the world. Laccom for many rich and memorable at pre-revolutionary days Beaches Varadero remained impregnable even before very big money. Not only for political reasons, but in economic: until 1993, the dollar was born here. Though "Perestroika" In the example of Russia, Fidel Castro in his society did not climb and people’s property still remains here the prevailing, some of the hopes from buyers from abroad have recently appeared.

Oddly, to advertise investments in the island of freedom, the chapter of the Cuban state made the global crisis of the capitalist system. In early November, speaking at the opening of the 16th International Trade Fair in Havana, he stated: The world economy has become a huge casino in which speculators play a gigantic "our roulette". Cuba, unlike the rest of the world, does not participate in speculative games and the financial shocks is beyond. "You have the need to invest money, and we have the desire to create you for this best", – Staged Fidel Castro in the face of several hundred foreign businessmen and diplomats.

The legislation of the republic already contains several provisions allowing private property in real estate – exclusively for citizens of other countries. The Law on Foreign Investments (Chapter 6, Article 16) states that the purchased visit house, an apartment or a hotel can be used by them or as a personal residence, or as an office, or as an object of tourism sphere.

However, the most older people are still mempired 1959, when Cuba’s Communist Party has nationalized foreign firms and all of their possessing. The memory of the past incidents Fidel Castro is now trying to dispel guarantees – for example, the possibility of repatriates the profit extracted on Cuba is free and duty-free (Chapter 3, Article 8).

Legal right to take away from a foreigner by a million villa to the state reserved, however, it swears (in chapter 3, Article 3), which, first of all, will do it only in the interests of the whole people. And, secondly, ready to fully compensate the cost of selected – not even in local pesos, but in any freely convertible currency. The amount of reimbursement in such cases will be established during the negotiations, and if the conflicting parties do not come to consent, then with the help of any authoritative international organization.

Representatives of the capitalist camp are perfectly aware that it is pushing Cuba to go on relief for owners of solid currencies. Since in the early 1990s, close trade relations were cut off with Russia and the dryers of fraternal monetary assistance streams, Cuba has to trust on the dollars of Canadians, Mexicans and Americans investing money through third hands. (Diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba there, and buy here real estate to the Americans is prohibited). In total, the money of representatives of 40 countries of the world is now spinning in the Cuban industry and tourism.

Folk Cuba revealed to private traders

For expropriators, no one complained of them, but from the bureaucratic difficulties associated with the purchase and operation of tourist facilities, many moan. What Fidel Castro will resonantly object to: But we have no corruption, and the cubic officials do not extort the bribes. This Socialist Cuba guarantees the buyers of the railway.

Since there is no free market in Cuba and, accordingly, there are no agencies accumulating applications for sale, about the facilities seeking a new owner at the moment should be recognized in state bodies. But on the rental market bought objects already appeared. Yes, and some Cuban families risk to take their accommodation in "Podnime". Renting an apartment from private owners is cheaper than in a luxury hotel, and life in the usual city quarter boils more colorful.

For example, we were on the eyes of the announcement of a certain Cuban family offering their apartment in the Havan district Vedado. The apartments are located in the building building of the 20s – "Golden Century" Pre-revolutionary cuba. Next door – Catholic Cathedral and Park them. Viktor Hugo. Prior to famous recreation centers, where the life is actually life – Habana Libre Hotel and Hotel Nacional – just a few quarters. Cubans are not too bad: in the apartment almost euroremount, kitchen, two bedrooms (each – double bed), air conditioning, TV with video and the newest security system. Rooms are rented either separately for $ 30 per day, or the whole apartment for $ 50 per day.

For citizens of democratic Russia, rent an apartment in the country can become an excellent opportunity to plunge into the socialist past, without experiencing terrifying domestic inconveniences and resting at the same time on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. According to Fidel Castro, "Less than socialist" Because of the steps towards foreigners, this caribbean state becomes not going to.

Folk Cuba revealed to private traders

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