Foam: Castle from a fairy tale in all of its glory, Portugal

Palace of Foam is considered one of the most famous and most visited attractions of Portugal. This castle is located at all next to the city of Sintra. Appearance He’s like a picture or film-yellow-red walls, gear turrets surrounds his picturesque park. Palace built in three styles – Eclectic, Manuelino, Moorish. It looks very peculiar, but it fits well into the surrounding nature. A lot of bas-reliefs, sculptures and texture tiles.

A bit of history

According to legend, build a chapel indicated in the dream of Mary Mary king Juhan in the 15th century, and she was very quickly built. Then, later, Near a small monastery in honor of the son of King Manuela, But the Son did not live to reign the country, and the monks came across the monastery for the whole two hundred years.

In the 18th century, natural cataclysms happened, The monastery was erased from the face of the earth, but the chapel remained the whole. And in the middle of the 19th century here rebuilt the palace for the royal persons. His amateur architect, taking into account the wishes of all the members of the royal family, maybe therefore styles were mixed, and it turned out what happened – Mix from East Motives, Gothic, Manuelino, Renaissance.

King Ferdinand ordered to add to the project half-pub-pubed, triton to protect against evil spirits.

It covers an area of ​​more than two hundred hectares. In the park there are many small ponds with naughty people Chinese carriages and a house for ducks. Nature here is just fabulous, untouched, grows literally everything in a row, and black swans swim in the lake. In Paka there are caves and grottoes for meditations, arabic building – a fountain for small birds.


If the castle from the outside reminds Disneyland with its bright coloring, then inside stond style, Vintage modeling and elegant chandeliers, a lot of fine handmade furniture. In each hall, the ceiling is made manually, there are no identical ceilings, each individual.

Foam Castle from a fairy tale in all of its glory, Portugal

In the castle it is impossible to retire, the rooms are passing, there are furniture. Beds in a very small castle, As if the kings of that time were dwarf. Lark just opens &# 8211; while It was believed that sleeping is useful, And the kings were afraid to die in a dream.

In general, it is noticeable for the presence of details that the soul is inserted into the creation of the interior. Corridors in the castle are narrow, the rooms are small, because it was necessary to fuck it all, and the fireplace is only in the royal flower. But the kitchen occupies a large room, even the kitchen utensils of the time that is shot by all sorts of unusual devices. And here Entrance to the royal dining room is prohibited, It can only be viewed through the door, visible a covering table and decomposed devices.

There is a museum in the castle Hall with stained glass samples, Most of them are in Spanish-style – blue-red and yellow gamut, in the castle itself on windows windows. The ceilings in the rooms are low, but the last queen set modern for her convenience &# 8211; Phone and bath with hot water. Queen Amelia escaped from Portugal in 1910, since then the castle &# 8211; Property of the people of Portugal.

It is surprising that the castle preserved the objects of life and the interior of the time, and the head of styles and bold architectural solutions is circle.

And, nevertheless, the inspection of the castle and its surroundings will be very interesting, everything is so bright and unusual – and the appearance of the palace, and the park, and the vintage clock on the tower, and the decor. And if the fog falls on the local places, then in the haze you can forget and mentally move to the distant past.

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